I miss the old Jc pennys. Every dam item I have clicked on and put in my basket is sorry we no longer have that item in stock!

I used to buy ALL my clothes for work from you, I take a size 18 and you had wonderful clothes for larger sized women. No more I have tried 3 times to purchase form the website, every dam item I put in my basket,comes back and says we dont have that. I am done. I have started to look at Kohls and old Navy, you are doomed to go down the tubes.

Too bad, I miss my coupons, and discounts and the clearance section.

I will pay off my charge and in the meantime shop elsewhere. Adios JC Penny!

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South Gate, California, United States #911907

2014, web site is still awful. I actually gave up on JCP last Christmas.

I am stuck on the website because my 93 year old mother in law cannot get to the store and she insist on JCP. I am going to try to talk her out of this.


It was all sent to India


You are right.. JCPenney online store is the worst store I have been to online.

I do lots of internet shopping and never had as much trouble with such and unfriendly environment as being on the JCpenney website.

Everything is backordered, there is no way to track shippment, items on bag delete themselves. It just sucks big time..

to GG Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States #635541

I agree. The site still sucks almost year later.

Tried to shop there and noting I wanted was available, and didn't know it until I tried to add to my cart. The search results colors, sizes, etc, do not accurately reflect the actualy values. You don't know it until you click into the item and wait for the page to load.

Will not be shopping there anymore. No wonder their CEO just got fired.


Sign the JCPenney petition on change.org, and maybe they will right this debacle.

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