I have been a loyal and regular JCP customer for many years. Nearly 90% of my wardrobe came from JCP.

Since the merchandise and pricing changes, I have no desire to step foot in a JCP store again. All the brands I used to buy on a regular basis are no longer available. JCP is now selling poor quality merchandise and charging way too much for it. If I wanted cheap clothing and shoes, I'd go to Walmart.

JCP used to sell good quality clothing and their sales were great. The brands, sales, and coupons were great incentives for people to shop in their store. I don't know what they were thinking when they made these changes but I agree with other dissatisfied customers, JCP made a huge mistake. They seem to be catering to teens and 20 somethings but it's not a "cool" store for them.

And after all, it's the older generations, 40 and up that have the money to spend. We are also very loyal and count on our favorite brands, labels, etc. year after year. Obviously JCP doesn't care about loyal customers.

They are trying to be something they're not and it's a great way to destroy a company that once had integrity.

From now on I will shop at other department stores and won't bother going into a JCP store unless they bring back the brands and pricing. And from what I understand, their new CEO is a brainless twit so I don't see them going back to being a great store again.

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Papillion, Nebraska, United States #579957

Jcp has gotten cheap on their clothes , I wash them and they fade so bad or loose their shape really bad quality has gone down hill. They also make it hard to use the rewards they should give you a choice 1st of all for text or email and they take 30 days to give you any of your new rewards which is surprising to me since you think the would want you back in right away.

It's to the point I'm shopping some where else. They need to wake up


Ron Johnson ruined JCP. He took away all the deals, coupons, etc.

He tried to change JCP into target.

JCP is failing at a fast rate, losing customers one at a time. ROFL


I have been a very loyal customer to JCP for a while. It was the place to go when I needed new casual business clothing for the office.

They never stumped on the selection of plus sizes and had lots of variety for me to choose from. But ever since the changes last year, the store has become unrecognizable. It has turned into a mini-Macy's store with their new logos and brand name shops. It also has reduced their wide selections of plus-size clothing.

If I wanted cheaply made casual business wear, then I go K-Mart. Shame on you JCP, you have successfully demonstrated how to quickly lose loyal hard-working customers to the young 20yr olds who still see JCP as their mothers type of store :cry


My husband and I have been shopping at jcp for Many years.since the

new CEO has taken over,the store has gone to ***. Can't find our brand name clothes any more.

The pricing has gone up dramaticly and the sizes are for the thinner people. Well, not every one is thin. We are truly dissapointed in jcp store. And will never shop there again.

Smar!ten up CEO you don't know what the consumer realty needs and wants. Don't know what collage you went to, but I can tell you this you wasted all that money for nothing for tuition.

I never even finished high school and I am smarter than you. Llook at the big picture why don't you?


I am a first time JCP online shopper and since Thursday 22nd Nov 2012 I have been trying to place an online order for international shipping and I keep getting the message "International Shipping is TEMPORARILY unavailable, try again later"! Twice all the items in my 'bag' mysteriously disappeared and today the CSR rep told me to delete the cookies in my browser and VOILA!!

my items were deleted from my 'bag' Again! So I guess JCP does not want my money!

They need to fix their online services. 5 days is waay too tong for a glitch in which no one seems to know aboout or how to fix!.......Come on JCP in these hard economic times you cant be allowing easy money to slip through your fingers!!


Yeah their integrity got choked out once ron johnson came on board. lots of good people lost jobs, i watched it happen first hand.

It was sad, i left before i got let go. I dont want any part of that hole in the ground. and yeah the CEO is nothing short of ignorant and careless.

As sad as it is, people would rather shop walmart before jcp, and i dont blame them! Good luck in future shopping.

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