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I was in your Danbury, CT store Christmas shopping last evening. I am a gold credit card holder, mind you, and was purchasing a number of Christmas gifts.

I went to a cashier by the name of Peggy, and asked if there were any offers or discounts for card holders. She flat out said NO. I walked away, putting back half the items I was holding. I proceeded to another register and asked the same question to the employee at another register.

This employee asked her an older associate the question of the discount, and she said, "Well, we had in store coupons this morning, and we were busy, so they are all gone, so there are no discounts." I explained that I was a very good customer who had spent so much there, and was a gold card holder, and that was when she insulted me!! She told me that if I was expecting a deal, then I should consider coming around the counter, and working in her position. How insulting is that to say to someone who is Spending money in your store. How can you employ people who have the audacity to say that to your customer?

J c Penney needs to take a good, hard look at how their employees treat customers. For that reason, I will be returning all the items I purchased, and will never, ever shop their again. Just so you know also, my daughter and I used your hair salon in Poughkeepsie, NY, but will not be using them again in the future. The last time we were there, they gave us one price over the phone for a wash, cut and blow dry, then charged us another 10.00 each after we had the services done.

They claimed, our hair was longer than they expected, and needed more shampoo, conditioner, and blow-dry time. That is dishonest, and deceiving. Ask me why I returned after that? I don't know.

I guess I was hoping to get Christmas deals like I was given in Macy's, Kohls, and everywhere else. Shame on you J C Penney!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Cashier.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Jcpenney Cons: Way i was treated by your employees.

  • rude employee
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The cashiers are NOT empowered to hand out discounts, regardless of how much money you spend there!!! Shame on your for harassing store employees who are just trying to do their jobs and earn a living.

You are NOT entitled to special savings and discounts!!!

What makes you different from any other customer?! Good grief, you sound like a nightmare!


On behalf of JC Penney's, good riddance.

No one cares if you are a "gold credit card holder" (WTF is that?) or if you feel you deserve special handouts because you hold some credit card no one cares about.

You were a pain in the _____ (whatever your first name is) and felt big and bad by berating two separate employees that have ZERO say in JC Penney policies.

Grow up.

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