Salem, New Hampshire

recently went to salem NH store interested in jcp brand blouse on clearance. original price was $28 marked down to $24.99.

i asked if price was correct as others had better clearance price. iwas told it was correct as the original price was supposed to be "marked up" to $40.00. needless to say i did not buy the blouse on principle. if this is how they are trying to improve and get people back, i will not be there any time soon.

remodeling the store doesn't change the dishonest business practices. it used to be a store you could trust.

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Everyone gangs up on Jcp. A pair of Vanilla Star shorts we sell at Jcp are for sale at $11.99.

The MSRP is $15.00. The Kohl's bargain price was $34.99 on sale. I kid you not. Kohl's is probably the biggest scammer out of Jcp, Macy's, Maurices, etc.

Who pays $40 for a shirt?

Everyone talks about how Kohl's has amazing deals, but they oftentimes TRIPLE the recommended retail price for clothing. But Jcp is the bad guy because we give out coupons and had to raise prices


Because Ron Johnson was kicked out, and so many customers whined about us not having coupons, we brought them back. But we had to mark up everything to cover the amount the coupons would ***.

We also have to cover credit card company charges. Yeah. Every time you use a Visa or MasterCard or AmEx, JCP has to pay that company a heft amount. And the pricing team has to put stickers over the old prices because you would be significantly MORE pissed if you tried to go to Jcp and found it was closed because they had to send every single item back to their individual manufacturer so a new tag could get put on with the right price.

Plus, there is ALWAYS a sale going on in the store along with coupons. Plus there is also clearance. A lady came in and bought a bona fide Dyson ball vacuum for $50 with sales and coupons. If you want cheap clothes, go to Wal-Mart.

You either want coupons or you want low prices. You can only have one.


OK, Lets try this again.

2-years ago Penneys had the same type pricing, coupons, and sales as ALL the other like type Department stores, Industry Standard.

Say a sweater for: $29.99

So in order to get this sweater for less, you would need a coupon say $10 off purchase or a sale for say 25% off.

In comes new CEO. He changes Penneys pricing to the "Fair and Square" everyday pricing. Pretty much everything in the stores are marked DOWN to a Fair and Square price, which prices were marked down to about half (give or take depending on the item) of what the old price was. Plus there were no cents such as .00

This sweater would have probably been marked down to a fair and square EVERYDAY PRICE of about $15.00.

Then a little later prices were marked down a little more. That sweater probably would have gone to about $12.00. (All without sales or coupons).

Then later in the season it would have gone to the BEST PRICE (same as clearance price), which would have probably been anywhere between $5 and $10.

If customers would have compared that everyday price of $15.00 to the other Department stores they would have seen that say, Khol's, everyday price was still $29.99 until they had a sale or coupon.

They didn't. They complained instead about no sales and no coupons. Not all customers, some liked the new pricing. They took the time to compare instead of complain. But because Penneys had changed to this pricing the majority of customers were not happy with the thought of no sales so they didn't shop. This in turn had started causing problems for Penneys, losing sales and profits.

So because of the customer's complaints, they started to mark their prices back up to the Industry Standard that most of the department stores use, (nothing deceptive about this) and started with the sales, door busters, and coupons once again to make their customers happy and in hopes they'd return.

Granted in the process of changing back some of the prices on the items may have had conflicting or confusing amounts,(hence all the different price stickers) but ALL RETAILERS mark their prices UP and DOWN. Penney's is just in transition back to the way they use to be (like 2 years ago).

Penney's is also slowly bringing back some of the Brands they had stopped selling, such as, St. Johns's Bay for women, while keeping the new JCP brand, as well as bringing in the new JOE FRESH.

So now that sweater that we had about six months ago for everyday price of

$15.00 is back up to

$29.99 and if you want it cheaper you need to wait for a coupon, sale or for it to go on clearance.

Customer's always right? What a shame!


Are you freaking EVERYWHERE ***

Stop adding your cr, appy opinions to these sites, Mr. Know-it-all. No one cares what you have to say LadyScot.

You don't know everything about everything in retail, you just think you do.

SHUT THE *** UP!!!!!!!!!! AND GET OFF THESE SITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You need to watch where YOU are posting. I'm not LadyScot!!!!

I'm a JC Penney employee and I do know what happened since I had to participate in all the pricing changes and why.

I'd say YOU need to get off this site if you can't act like a civilized mature adult.


Why would anyone support a company who's clearance price is higher than the regular price? Hello, it's obvious Jcpenney will do anything to try and recoup their millions and millions dollars of debt.

The company logo should read "We overprice so you can use a coupon".

Enjoy the scam, and their overprice "manufacture suggested retail price" that manufactures even said were unfair and dishonest. The Internet is a wonderful thing when researching deceptive companies!


People hated the old pricing system. When the everyday pricing strategy took effect, teams of employees had to go through the entire store and mark DOWN the merchandise to the Everyday price.

This new price was typically what the item went on sale for. So for example, the Pure Perfection towel would usually go on sale for $6.99-$7.99. The regular price was about $14. After the everyday pricing started, it was $7 everyday.

People couldn't understand that they were getting the sale price everyday. They didn't have to wait to buy it, worry about it going on sale later,etc. It was at a sale price everyday. So, JCPenney listened to its customers and decided to go back to its old pricing system.

They had to mark everything back up to its old prices so the item could go on sale, the way its customers wanted. Why on earth would you think that they would leave the prices so cheap and then put it on sale??? No retailer would do that. Not Macy's, not Nordstrom, no one.

Plus, prices need to be raised or adjusted on items if the cost of the items used to make it increase. A couple of years back cotton prices rose, so items that were made of cotton needed to be raised to make up for that.

It seems that's no matter what, people are going to complain about JCPenney.

Most complaints seem to be about pricing. Maybe you should be a little more informed about industry standards before you start slamming them for listening to you guys to begin with.


Read this very carefully. Since you and other customers decided you didn't like "everyday low price fair and square pricing" in order to put things on sale or have coupons, they had to raise/mark up the prices.

Got it?! The things is some of you didn't understand that was what was being done when it was the old way before Ron Johnson introduced everyday low price. You all clearly didn't know or understand that the prices were already marked up before when we were having those "sales" and "coupons". Now that we are going back to the old way you have learned that this is how it's done in retail.

And this is not just JcPenney, it's every department store, Dilliards, Kohls, Sears, Neiman Marcus, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, etc. They all do it. Prices are marked up so they can put it on sale. It's just too bad most consumers are

and fall for this psychology of having "sales" or "coupons" to get a great deal. The point of everyday low price was you wouldn't need a sale or coupon to get a deal. You would have to shop on Saturday from 9am to 1pm or 3pm to closing on the store's time to get a door buster price. You could shop anytime you want and get the same price on your own time.

The price would be low all of the time. Well those days are over, I guess it wasn't fun enough as some say lol.

Most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Needing a sale or coupon to have fun shopping lol.


You are absolutely right.

There are those out there who will never understand what you are trying to say.

If Penneys had left the sweater you mentioned priced "Fair and Square" at $15, and brought back coupons........Penney's would be losing even more money and be forced out of business.

I thought it was crazy myself that some customers would come in complaining about "no more coupons", when the everyday prices of apparel at Penney's were BELOW the other big box retailer across the street!

Some people are never happy. They want things for free, I guess. :?