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I recently bought a pair of shoes at the J.C. Penny store in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I used a $10.00 off coupon for a pair of shoes that were $19.99. When I got the shoes home, I realized they didn't look good with the outfit for which I bought them.

I went immediately back to the store to return them. The clerk who waited on me was pleasant enough. I asked her if I could get my coupon back since I wanted to buy a different pair of shoes. She said they shred them when you use them but that I could talk to a manager about it. I said that I would like to.

The manager came over, looked at my receipt and said, "You've only had the shoes for five minutes, why are you already bringing them back?" She was so rude about it. What the ***...I didn't know there was a compulsory time that you had to keep merchandise before you brought it back.

I said to the manager, "Forget it. I don't need the coupon." She apologized then and said, "I'll give you the coupon back."

I didn't really care if I ever shop in the Penney's in Ardmore again or not. The store is full of rude associates and managers.

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Some stores are horrible. People are so rude and inconsiderate. But people also need to realize there are some good associates that are good and caring!


I haven't had a bad experience with JC Penny but I have had bad experiences with young kids and young managers at other stores. It seems to be a trend that no one cares about customer service and all the care about is themselves. Such is life in the 2100 century.


I just resigned today from JCP. More than half of the managers that worked at my store, arent worth ***. They are too busy roaming around the store, like there at a beauty pageant, checking out the male customers...and this is when they arent flirting with the store assistant manager, and they are suppose to "role models" are you kidding me.


I certainly agree that was a very rude way to handle a transaction (and frequently the managers are worse than the clerks).

However, I worked at JCPenney for a few months, and the policy is that a coupon can not be returned. Ever. In any case. However, that is why when someone uses a coupon, the clerk should warn you about that.

Just saying. Not defending JCPenney, but just an fyi.


What a shame this should be a lesson to folks that value customer service. When corporations like JCPenney hire managers such as this they deserve to lose business. There are many other great retailers ready and willing to give super customer service!