Sunnyside, Washington

I Was in your sunny side store and was appalled to hear several teammates having a discussion regarding how some of their coworkers were going to handle getting fired later that day. I find this to be quite disturbing on many levels, first if someone is going to be fired that should be confidential between the manager and the teammate.

This is clearly not a subject that should be discussed on the sales floor, and frankly I was embarrassed to overhear such a discussion. If this is the amount of respect and professionalism you show your teammates then I believe they are better of without your job.

Furthermore if your store manager cannot keep issues such as this confidential from other teammates and customers then you do not have the appropriate manager in the first place and maybe they should be the one getting fired. I will no longer be shopping in your sunny side store.

Review about: Jcpenney Manager.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #713767

Jcpenney does not care about their employees. Sounds like what happened to myself and 2 other co-workers. The store manager had his head suck up another employees' ***.

Orlando, Florida, United States #678229

It's not your business anyway. Sometimes it's good to have selective hearing.

How do you know the teammate didn't inform other customers they were being fired? You're doing too much assuming and again it's something that shouldn't concern you.

to anon #954935

Wrong. Managers are the team leaders and should set a positive example, regardless of what the employee is or is not doing.

They are held to a higher standard. That's what they are being paid to do. The fact that you would defend their totally unprofessional behavior shows your obvious lack of understanding of how a good management team should conduct themselves. If no one ever speaks up, then bad behavior is rewarded, so I agree with anonymous.

She knows the difference between right and wrong, and she certainly knows more about the situation than you do, since she was shopping in the store when it happened, and you weren't.

That selective hearing you speak of is just a cop out for people who don't care enough to ever want to stand up and get involved to help make things better for everyone. The people who get things done are the ones who dare to challenge the status quo, not the ones who just follow everyone else and can't think for themselves.

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