I asked the employee Sandra I believe her name is where certain clothing items were and she replied with an attitude and in a rude way that she didn't know where things were. I also asked her who might know where things were and she also replied in a rude way that she didn't know.

I decided not to shop there because that was not the way to treat a customer. I believe she should get some type of punishment because she should not treat customers in that manner.

Also the tone of her voice was just rude. I hope her manager can do something about that.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Manager.

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I see Sheer Caress total support pantyhose at JCP.com.

Check online. When I searched for East 5th pantyhose, Sheer Caress showed up.

Roseville, California, United States #727422

I have been one of the most supportive JCP customer.

But JCP does not care for the loyal customers.

They make changes, thinking it is an improvment, while the customers do not find what they used to love and one after one, they walk away.

I will never... NEVER forgive them for discontinue the Total Support Panty Hose. I was buying them for 32 years because I need to have them on at all the time. I went for vehicle veins surgery and because they were so good supportive, the doctors did not even request for me to get the medical ones.

Loosing that, it is very important to me.

Many other stores sell support panty hose. I try them all.

It is so hard to put them on, I damaged my operated knee and I am going to PT for almost two months now.

If 5th Avenue company still makes them, I am willing to pay the price they will put on. It is that important to me.

At JCP I am not going any more. Even if I have a life time Employee discount. I do not even find the cloths they used to carry and I loved. Dress Barn and Stain Mart won me.

Good bye Mr Penny. I even have your picture at home to remember the good old days!!!

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