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Hey, guys. Well, we got a issue. And guess what the issue is? JCPennys. JCPENNYS is the problem, with my *** life. Let me explain this to you guys. Last week I went to the salon at JCPennys to do the CHI Thermal Straightening. This process is said to keep your hair straight forever until your roots grow out. And it will even make your hair straight after you wash it. Well, here's the problem.

When I was watching my stylist do my hair, she did something totally different from what I saw others do. Other stylist did this: Wash hair, apply chemicals for 30 *** minutes, flat iron it, apply chemicals to it for 30 more minutes, flat iron it, and it was done. MY stylist on the other hand, did something completely different. She did this: washed hair, apply chemicals for 30 minutes, blow dried it, flat ironed it, and I was done.

Here's where the sckeptical part comes in. The average Thermal Reconditioning process takes about 3-7 hours. Mine only took 2 hours. There's no way a thermal Reconditoning can be done so fast. It's impossible unless your hair is very small. My hair was NOT small. It was very frizzy, curly, and poofy as ***. I questioned my stylist and she specifically said "This is the right way to do it. Make sure you wash your hair tommorow and then wait 2 more days.". Here's the thing, most Thermal Recondtionings require you to not wash it until the 2nd or 3rd day. She said a day after it was done.

Once she said that, I knew something was wrong. But I thought it would be okay so I let it slide.....until I washed my hair. My hair was washed and it reverted back to being curly. I tempered my stylist saying I had to wait two extra days for it to last. So I went along with it and I waited two days. On the third day, I washed my hair.....and guess what? It reverted back to being curly again. I am extremely pissed off right now and I will sue the *** pants off JCPennys.

I can't believe I received fake service from them. JCPennys use to be my favorite store to shop at, but now it's just garbage. I can't stand that place now. Also, may I remind you that "False Advertising" is against the law. JCPennys was false advertising the Thermal Reconditoning and it was not met with my expectations. I am sick and tired of being *** over by stores such as JCPennys.

Anyways, I hope people see this complaint and begin to question

JCPenny's bull. JCPennys, I will see you *** court and I hope you guys GET IT.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Pissed off Consumer.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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I hope you do sue them. Of course it will be tossed out as frivolous and you will end up paying their legal fees - that will be fun.

All you needed to do is question at the time of the treatment to make sure it was done correctly. End of story.


Even I had a thermal straightening at JC Penny and yes you are right it takes 4 hours to complete the process also to me they recommended to wash hairs after a week.


I used to get my hair cut all the time at Montgomery Wards. it is a shame that they went out of business. I am sure that if they were still around, that you could have gone there and got your hair done perfectly.


I get this done and the problem I see is that there are two different types of Chi treatments. There is the chi ultimate blowout and the chi thermal straightening.

They have two different processes and two different prices. One is $150 the other $300. It sounds like the process you saw was the thermal but the one you revieved was the blowout.

I receive the treatment on a regular and that is the process for the blowout. Unfortunately, they charged you for a thermal.


^This. Two different services, although even with the Blowout you shouldn't wash the hair for 7 days afterwards, hence the reason your hair went "back to being curly".

The Blowout is still a nice option for smooth and frizz free hair as it accomplishes that and gradually fades over 4 months. (Long time hair smoothing client not affiliated with JCP).


Ok. Super old but felt compelled to reply.

Process was correct. And instructions do in fact say wash in 24 hours. I do this service and have tried it as well. All smoothing treatments are not the same and getting others doesn’t make you an expert across the board.

Its not a relaxer, your hair will not be 100% straight afterwards but it does kill 95% of frizz. This review is just a pissy uninformed customer making assupmtions and dogging a product they knew nothing about. Perhaps the stylist could have been more informative but again getting another treatment doesn’t make you an expert. Another thing that stands out, the hair should have been smooth and straight immediately after, so improper process seems to be part of the problem as well.

But hey! The stylist won’t know where she is lacking unless you complain and get a full or partial refund or at least correct the problem so you don’t feel duped.

Definately NOT a knock off product/service and more affordable than Brazilian. JCP does hike up their prices, so shop around.


Im glad I read the reviews here. Guess I will keep looking for a place with better reviews and honesty.

If she paid over 400.00 and they call it thermal straightening it should stay straight. Also the response from the stylist was just so hateful.


This treatment cuts 95% of frizz it is NOT a straightening treatment. Your stylist should have never told you it will straighten your hair and if you read the J.C. Penney salon menu it says cuts friZz nothing about straightening.


It has it listed under "straightening services"


Thermal reconditioning is in fact a straightening treatment. Keratin treatments are for frizz only.


Absolutely correct. Eliminates frizz not curl.Stylist did a poor consultant.


That is chi blowout 95%frizz and not curl thermal straighting is a different process 100%


Did JCP give you a refund? I'm going through the same thing now.

My CHI blowout only lasted until the first shamoo. Now my stylist is saying it's because my ends need to be cut.

My hair is one length. But my whole head is frizzy again!!


The process is not meant to make your hair straight. The ultimate chi blowout makes your hair more manageable, reduces frizz, etc., it will not remove your curl unless you ask for a relaxer. The process you explained in which she went about it is the correct way except you don't wash your hair for 2 days after.


First I'll start by saying that WE don't have a problem, it sounds like YOU have the problem! I would suggest you do your research on a service before you choose to receive it.

And if you have a ***** life, trust me it's NOT because of JCP. The CHI Enviro does not chemically alter or rearrange the hair bonds. It DOES NOT CHANGE the pattern of the hair. It simply eliminates frizz and makes curly hair more manageable.

The processing time is not a set 30 min, timing depends on the individual clients hair. Therefore the timing will differ for each client. The hair is washed and product applied in sections, then blown out with a brush and then a flat iron is used to seal the product in the hair. It is recommended you wash the hair in 24 hours and the longevity of the service is only guaranteed if you are using the CHI Enviro shampoo/conditioner specifically made for maintaining the service.

FYI, no services will promise to keep your hair straight "forever" and the CHI Enviro isn't for straightening your hair as I've previously explained.

So it sounds like the problem is, you didn't do your research and you try to look/ sound like you KNOW what the processes are but it's clear you DO NOT and before you go knocking a professional stylist please remember that they attended a beauty academy and must pass a state board exam and must maintain continuing education AND Be certified on all services.

There was no "false advertising" or "fake" services.

The CHI Enviro costs approx $150 at JCP Salons. If you want a thermal straightening service you WILL pay more, don't be cheap and do your research! And definitely DO NOT blame a store or salon for your miserable life.

Good luck with suing in court. JCP has corporate attorneys that stand behind their stylists and if you signed anything before the service you'll look like a joke, and you won't win anyway.

Plus make sure before you go to court you learn the proper spelling of JCPENNEY!!

Maybe you'd like to share with all of us what your occupation is so we can complain about you! The only thing anyone is questioning here is your bull and that you have nothing better to do than complain on something you clearly know nothing about!


It says monetary loss was $480 so apparently she did have the thermal reconditioning done which does last until your hair grows out and is supposed to keep hair straight & frizz free—so you should do your research.


Apparently you did not properly read her review. She clearly states that she requested the CHI THERMAL STRAIGHTENING and not the Chi Ultimate Blowout.

I have had the Ultimate Blowout and the process she described it clearly the blowout and not the thermal straightening.

Perhaps you should do better research or maybe just comprehend what you're reading before you try to bash someone for their review. I too would be pissed if I received half of a service in which I've paid $300 for.


You sound so crazy


Yep they r liars. I scheduled a thermal straightening for $300 and said I definitely didn't want the blowout.

Well got stuck with the *** $150 ultimate blowout not permanent like $300 thermal. Only paid $150 but Not What I wanted and was promised over the phone.

Oh well back Penneys. Was told they're not allowed to do the permanent, well then don't nuckin advertise the friggin service and promise it to people -- False Advertising!!


You got a Chi Enviro Ultimate Blowout. Not the Chi Thermal Straightening.

Chi thermal straightening is $350+. Blowout is $150 plus. .. you were probably being cheap and didnt want to pay 350.

They didnt give you a "fake" service.....