I REQUEST TO SEE HER MANAGER, AND REQUESTED MY MONEY BK DO NOT GO TO THIS SALON OR STORE RUN....not only did she do a terrible job on my hair she was loud, rude, and unprofessional all at the same time. i really do think that Jcpenny in Killeen Texas really should re-think this girl as a "STYLIST"

Review about: Jcpenney Manager.

Monetary Loss: $55.

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Maybe u should rethink your use of grammar.


Customer service is customer service I would never want someone loud doing my hair that is plain out rude..you want your hair done right leave the state of Texas. Its full of black peoples that dont have the slightest clue how to cut white girls hair please tell me how they got through beauty school? What a shame.

to Nicole #841021

It doesn't matter the color of the person that dies your hair. For you tosay that hair salins in Killeen is full of black people is wrong.

Just because you go to hair school don't mean you know how to do all types of hair there are white people out here that can't do black people hair. Unlike the Asians neither white or black people specialize in all types of hair Nicole.


I have been to Killeen TX. It was many years ago. I understand why you have had problems with the salon at this location.

A lot of crazy people live in Killeen.



People fail to realize, that stylist run behind time just like anyone else. How is it that you can go to a doctor's office with an appt time of 10:00 am and sometimes don't get seen until 10:45 am and you act ok with that?

When 9x out of 10, when you do get called back at 10:45, you're talking to the nurse for at least 10-15 mins or more before the doc even comes in your room, but you keep your mouth shut about the doctors tardiness, but will make your hair stylist feel like ish. Yet, you don't go bad mouthing the doctors or changing up doctors because he or she was running behind. And i know for a fact they run behind all the dang time because it happens when i go to my appt and when i take my daughter to her doc appt.

And for the attack on Rochelle....

clients get in their feelings and exaggerate the truth. But even if she did get loud, everyone knows, to include Rochelle's clients how valuable her time is and how booked she stays. Rochelle is one stylist you will hardly ever see sitting down because that's how many ppl come to her. She has one of the most consistent and busiest books in the salon.

And she's an exceptional hairstylist. Furthermore, when some of you ungrateful clients go to these other salons and your hair begins to come out in your combs and brushes, I guarantee you'll return to the Doctors of Hair....at JCPENNEYS!!!!

Killeen, Texas, United States #692755

No way no how is this comment true! I have taken my teen girls to Rochelle for a few years now and we won't see anyone else as long as she is working as a stylist.

I'm not sure what this person was wanting but I can't believe it wasn't something Rochelle couldn't do as she is a MASTER STYLIST.

I propose anyone thinking about getting their hair done at JCPenney salon definately see Rochelle-you won't be disappointed. :)

Killeen, Texas, United States #678582

If you get a girl named aubree run! Asked for my hair to be cut a certain way and even showed her a picture to get the idea and she cut my hair into an old lady bob.

No where near the lenghth I had asked for.

I should have just took the time and spent a little more to make my appt with eco blue... I regret that I didn't.


I would like to say that I do not agree with the person who wrote a negative comment about Rochelle...I have been getting my hair done by her for almost 1yr and I have never had any encounter of any sort of her being unprofessional, Everytime I get my hair done and I go back to work I constantly receive compliments on how my hair looks. My mother is also a hair stylist and has her own Salon and has had the title of "master stylist" when she worked for JC Penney over 15yrs ago and she has over 20yrs experience in Doing hair and my mother does not trust anybody with doing my hair besides herself and she has commended Rochelle's work and how she takes care of my hair and keeps it healthy. In Rochelle's defense From personal experience if you were to see my hair you would totally disagree with the other individual's negative comment.

to Anonymous Copperas Cove, Texas, United States #649291

Yes she is loud but that is her nature. she has never been rude nor unprofessional in my presence.

I have been to the salon many times in the last 8 years. she knows hair and does awesome work.

I do think that the salon overbooks. And that is a point of improvement but never had a bad do!


Went there today nov-25. My kids apt was at 1pm was told stylist is running 5 min late.

After 30 min I asked what was taking so long and I was told she is finishing up now. At 40 min I again was told 2 more min. Now just 3 days ago I got a haircut with this same person and she knew I was bringing my child. After making us wait 40 min past our apt she walks right past us and brings a different costumer in so I walk up to the lady at the front desk who's been telling us a few more minutes...

And tell her isn't that the stylist we have been waiting on for 40 taking someone else back. Yep without saying a word walking back there and then let's us finally get our haircut. Stylist just says oh sorry got apr mixed up. She did a good job on my child and me 3 days earlier but making someone wait that long and not even acting like anyone cares is just not right.

Also she was very slow.

Usually takes 10 min for this boys cut she took a good 20. Stylist working there are like at walmart they don't care about customer service cause they got enough new people come in all the time.


I'm very sad about a comment that was made about my coworker Rochelle ...she is one of the most talented and professional stylist I have ever worked with in my 131/2 years working in the Killeen salon ...I think this comment had nothing to do with her work or behavior ...this was personal ...in my opinion !

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