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I ordered a dining room set from JC in October 2012 only to find out a few days later that my money was returned to my account and the set was in backorder till Jan; I tried calling customer service and I was told that my order was cancelled due to items shortage. A month later, on black Fr I tried to order it again since it was advertised online with lowered price.....a few days later same thing happened: money was back in my account and I was told they don't have it.

The customer servise lady explained that it was cancelled and I don't have any pending orders on my account....Tired of the sharade I bought a dining set from a different store. On Dec 12 I received an email from JCP stating that my dining set is being shipped to me and my account will be charged $1430. Immidiately I called customer service ; I explained that my order was cancelled long time ago and I already purchased a dinind set, I asked for not charging my account , I did not authorise that purchase. Supposedly it was done.

On Dec 16th my bank account was showing pending purchase from JCP.......I got furious!!!! I spent half of my morning on the phone with customer service explaining what happened. Once again I was assured that the money will not be charged , that its being canceled. I golf the lady that I don't want to be responsible for any overdraft charges .

Both times I explained that I don't have too much money on my checking account . On Dec 18 account was being debited $1400 and I wad facing $140 of overdraft fees. Of course another phone call to JCP didn't resolve anything. One of the ladies in Columbus ( Kate) told me that my money will be returned asap and if there are any fees that came b/c of the charge my bank has to send them a fax and I will be credited.

That's what my bank did yesterday.

Today is Dec 19th, my money is back but they refuse to give me $140 back that they are responsible for!!!!! Why do you even have customer service if they are not helping????????

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Monetary Loss: $1400.

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Not surprised at all. I had a similar experience ordering a couch.

What happened to all the commercials about things being simpler now?

They are completely clueless when you call customer service. It is like they are just making up answers on the fly there.

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