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Update by user Jun 30, 2017

They gave us back $220 on the first ring so I could send it in for replacement to the manufacturer. The second ring was finally sent to a local jeweler and repaired an sized properly.

Took from the middle of April to the end of June to reach closure. We had to fight all the way.

Update by user Jun 30, 2017

The second ring was sent to a local jeweler who repaired the ring shank to its original size and shape. We accepted that and were not charged.

Update by user Jun 09, 2017

My ring came in and picked it up. They had simply electroplated and polished it.

It still was not sized properly. Never appropriately sized up. There are still pock marks into the gold on the inside and outside. They offered to return it again and I said no.

We settled my ring for refunding the sizing and another $150 which is the cost to exchange the ring for the proper size through the manufacturer.

Waiting to see what the second ring looks like. Not hopeful.

Update by user May 31, 2017

They promised to repair the rings to the original condition and have them back to us in a matter of days. Has been over a week now. Not expecting much in the way of improvement based on the way they were handled so far.

Original review posted by user May 31, 2017

I left my wedding ring and my spouse's engagement ring for sizing, each going up a half size. We received our rings back in horrible condition.

My ring was not sized by the usual method. It was clear that gold had been removed from the inner shank of the ring. I gave them a comfort band and got back a ring flat on the inside and outside. Basically they bored the gold from the inside of the ring and tried to smooth it down.

After wearing it for a couple of days, flakes of gold plating started falling off the inner part of the ring. The engagement ring has one with a high profile and wide shank. We received a ring that had the profile whittled down and the shank was uneven and very thin. To say I was heartbroken is a huge understatement.

I used to work for JCP in the 1990's and we would NEVER accept work like that. I provided documentation on my wedding ring but couldn't find anything on the engagement ring so they only offered a $50 gift certificate at first.

They then offered $100 cash. When I went to meet with the supervisor over the department (who knows nothing about jewelry) she declined to live up to that offer and said they would repair the rings.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Ring Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $775.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Jcpenney Cons: Bogus promises, Poor jewelry service, Feeble attempts to correct situation.

  • Jewelry rip off
  • Jcp Superstition Springs
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JCP does not have quality Jewelry they never have. The care plans are misleading JCP is for suits for men drapes not Jewelry they carry the very worst stuff the modern bride is sterling silver with platinum coating lab created sapphires the diamonds are not quality I wouldn’t want my jewelry from junky jcp jewelry department


You may be trying to imply I'm stupid for taking our rings to JCPenney and that it's my fault. If that's the case, you are entitled to you opinion.

I worked for JCP in the 90s and we had jewelry in the case off all price ranges and clients could order jewelry at the counter of greater quality. Customers could even order the diamond rating the wanted. For repairs and sizings, we sent out customer's pieces to a local jeweler who provided a discounted rate for quality work.

I had reason to trust JCP because I knew how a good jewelry counter is run at a store that knows what service is. The Superstition Springs store is NOT that kind of store.

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