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Went to buy a dress on today, the dress I had envisioned myself in for my senior pictures this summer. A dress in which I cannot find another like.

On the website they offered 1 size option; a size 1, the size I need. When I clicked on "add to bag", it said "We're sorry, but the My Michelle Eyelet Strapless Sundress is currently unavailable in 1 and White". So, I call my local JCPenney to have them back-order it, but for some reason they can't do that? Not to mention they weren't exactly polite or helpful about it.

I'm freaking pissed. & JCPenney can go to ***. Like for real?! If you're sold out of something, take it off your website!!!!

You're supposed to be a professional company and you can't even keep your *** up-to-date?! THAT'S CALLED FALSE ADVERTISEMENT, because it clearly shows that it's available in a size 1 until you click "add to bag". Now, I don't know what I'm going to do about a dress. I have no clue.

I can't find another dress similar that I like and I was so excited just to have my dreams shot down.

I mean, senior pictures are a big deal (for me at least). & this is just ridiculous.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Website.

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10 years...that's how long it took me to go back i to a JC Penny Store. I was sort of impressed walking in.

It was Fathers Day and I drove past 2 other JC Pernny stores to get to the one that had the watch I wanted "IN STOCK" online. I got there, waited in line, finally got to the one person in jewelry to get to me..and have her tell me that it has been sold out and out of stock for 3 days. Again I checked online before driving 25 miles and it was "IN STOCK" 30 minutes earlier.

50 Years -I will be dead, and not have gone back in a JC Penny again! Rick


Not Surprising. Here Canton Ohio the Some associates in the Canton Store act as if the customer doesn't matter.

Went to the store the Sat. before last and tried to order a mattress. After 4 hours the sales person was unable to order the mattress correctly. I told a so called manager and she acted oblivious to my problem.

I told her the associate did not know how to place and order. Two registers were not operational. Later the next week the associate calls me back and tells me that I need to come back to the store because the mattress is out of stock, I go to the JCP web site and I can order it. I get all the way till have to put payment information.

So it looks like to me it is still available. I have had to see doctors and was not able to visit the store last week. One so called manager tells me I have to wait till on specified days to talk to him. I found PISSED CONSUMER WAS PERFECTLY IN LINE WITH MY THINKING.

Your company is hiring way too many people w/o adequate skills sets.

The manager at the Canton, OH location has nary a clue how to train and equip the new employees to be successful sales associates. The one thing they do well is *** OFF CUSTOMERS!!!


I agree...lying so and sos.....Paperwork says "Exchanges & returns' but they do not do exchanges....messed up items can only be returned and then you have to RE-ORDER and pay for shipping unless you make other arrangements.....very inconvienent


Not helpingthemselves my mom and myself were going to buy a pair of tennis shoes each because they were on a rack of shoes offered at 39.99 when we rang out they rang out at 49.99 we questioned them to which they replied only a select group are 39.99 well *** make it clearer which are which it isn't like you are so BUSY no wonder you are going bankrupt You S. uck and your customer service majority sucks. missed off in lincoln Nebraska




JCPenney sucks after they supported the sick homo agenda!


3 years i have been trying to set up automated payment , they have all reasons to block me do that but always quick to get late payment fee, they suck. JCPENNY suck, don't do business with them> annoyed


Has nothing to do with the store ! That is individual people .


That was for the guy whose wife cheated on him




It take a bit for something to be taken down. The world doesnt revolve around you.


Every time I go on the Jcpenney site I have a basket full of items.

When I go to the cart to pay half of the items are no longer available!

If they do not have it remove it from the site! This happens every time, not just once or twice.

@A dove

The only reason I try to shop with them online is because they have closed stores close to me. :( If the online site keeps going this way I will not be surprised if they end up no longer existing.

At this time I hope they go out of business soon. If you are only going to have an online site, keep it updated!!


You think it sucks *** try being an employee without proper pay respect from employers and customers so shove your worthless comments up your own *** and go *** yourself yours truly California


Then quit dumb-***


This could be a reason consumers aren't happy with the JC Penney employees. Wow


I have noticed the same thing over the past six months with JCP's online store. EVERYTHING I want to purchase LOOKS like it's available until you choose the size and color you want and try to add it to your cart.

THEN you get slapped with the annoying "this item is out of stock" or "no longer available." They have discontinued so many items that kept me coming back for more. In addition, the quality of any affordable clothes has really declined and most of their ladies shirts are see-thru so you have to buy another shirt to go under them.

What a pain. Will be shopping else where.


I used to be able to get nice, casual clothes at Penney's. Even when I had to buy more formal clothes for work, I was still able to get nice-looking ones at a reasonable price.

Now I can't find ANYTHING there that I like. Looks like JCPenney will lose me as a customer.


i used to shop there untill my wife had an affair with another associate and the store manager new about it and let it slide.... pennys sucks


I just quit JCPENNEY today. They treat their employees like ***.

Never work there!

Overpriced ***. Especially the shoes!