Jackson, Missouri
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Shopped at JCPenny today for the first time in over 10years and I can see exactly why I stopped shopping there. They treat vets like nothing and on top of that give them a pathetic 1% discount off their purchases.

They didn't even greet me when I came in.

I will never shop here again... In fact I'm returning the purchase I've made thankfully there's other stores around here that are Veteran friendly!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Since when does being a vet equal free things??? You chose to be in the forces, nobody held a gun to your head.

My boyfriend is a wounded veteran and he would NEVER & has never tried to get free things because of that.

He says he served our country as HIS choice & would never abuse his status. I truly respect vets like my boyfriend who are the TRUE men of our country!




whaaaaaaaaaaa poor baby.

man it's people like you that really get under my skin

first of all who says only vets should get a discount? is that why you joined in the first place to one day save a measly 10% off retailers prices?

I mean jeez who says your life is any more important than say a firefighter or policeofficer or any other number of equally dangerous jobs.

should they get a 10% discount also?

where would you draw the line?

and btw it was obviously a mistake. you could have gone back to the service desk there and brought it up and asked it be corrected and if they were smart they'd have fixed it.

that being said though again , service does NOT entitle you to 10% off purchases just because you served. it's something many retailers offer those in the armed forces as a small way of thanking them for their service but they are NOT required to give it so in closing, while I thank you for your service please do me a favor, get off your *** soap box of pity for not saing a lousy $3+ and seek some help.


Although it's not a requirement it is nice to receive!!! But it's people like you, who judge others for things deemed important to them!

And no that isn't why I joined! I joined to ensure *** like you who hide behind a computer enjoy the freedom of speech! All I'm simply saying is if it's going to be given then give it! Don't short someone something you're agreeing to give!

And no it wasn't a mistake, spoke to management to see how that works and according to him it's correct.

But its people like you who gets under my skin, and I bet you haven't spent not 1 day in danger or in service. Next time you want to give someone else ***, step in their shoes and see if you could understand how they feel...


Stop whining so much. You'd think a vet would be more manly.

They didn't greet you when you came in?? Are you famous??

I bet you're also the type who doesn't even say hi back when someone greets you. Smh with you peopleaa


the point is ......***........a 1% discount is a mockery of veterans..............the standard appears to be 10%.......so by giving a 1% discount to vets is like kicking them in the nuts.................if they were not trying to send a message to vets......then they would not give a discount to any of them..........station casinos is the same way........they raise the flag print up all the notices and then tell the vets to bend over................

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