Stockton, California
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I'm so mad. I go to buy a coffee maker which is advertised with big signs that say 14.99 and when i get to the checkout it comes out to 24.99.

He says there's a mail in rebate, which i hate because you never get your money and it's a waste of time. Just received the email that the rebate was invalid because i wrote the wrong UPC number. Spent 20 min figuring out what that is. Even if they couldnt read my handwritting, i attached all the receipts!

They could have located it themselves. A bunch of ***.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you actually read the signs....they do say with $10 mail in rebate. Pay more attention and next time you won't have to be so mad.


This is handled by third party company NOT JCPenney