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As of today JCPenney has lost me as a customer. I ordered online from JCPenney recently and somehow I enrolled in Fun Family Rewards, which started extracting $9.95 a month from my checking account.

I tried to cancel my “Rewards” (Ha ha?) online but the “company” did not recognize my email and account name. I finally called Stonebridge Benefit Services and cancelled my account and supposedly I will have my $9.95 refunded. JCPenney should consider this a scam operation and disassociate itself from anything like Fun Family Rewards immediately. This is not an appropriate use for online retail service from JCPenney.

I will spread the word to my friends about JCPenney’s practices and I will not shop at JCPenney’s stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Monetary Loss: $9.

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This is DEFINITELY a SCAM! I have tried to go on my SUPPOSED account and it does not recognize my name or my email when I try to change my pass word.

I WANT ALL of my money to be refunded and I am going to give them *** and JC Penny! These firm is located somewhere in the hopeless state of TEXAS!


It isn't about phishing, at least not by Stonebridge. What it is about is using this bogus sweestakes/ reward bs to sell you their insurance.

Still, run the other way. Throw your cards in the trash and don't call them!


I don't know how JC Penney consented to this, but Stonebridge lifeis using this "rewards" along with their "sweepstakes" to generate leads and sell insurance. the whole thing is just a flimsy excuse to get you to buy their insurance.

It is the job of these agents to shove their insurance down your throats and get you to sign up. It is what they are paid to do.

the whole thing is a scam and JC Penney should not be used by such a dishonest company. -jmo :(


How do you guys know people account to do this


I had the same problem. JCP is giving SB people's personal and credit card information and may people are saving it was without their consent.

To make it worse, when I asked for proof we signed up for this, neither JCP or SB could prove I'd signed up or they had sent me any membership info or coupons. The SB site (once I found it) doesn't even have a phone number or email address. If you look up SB on the internet there are PAGES of people who say that their personal and credit card information was given to SB without permission. SB was extremely rude and refused to fully refund my money.

I wrote a review about the whole experience. If you look for my user name you can see it and read the full story.


actually, I just called penneys to see how I ha gotten inrolled and when the supervisor looked up my original order she said it DID NOT show that I had. Also, Penneys told me that they are "partnered" with this company and if Fun Family is a scam then it does have a LOT to say about Penneys business practices.

As for calling Stonebridge, the first representative hung up on me and the second said that it was basically my problem. She cancelled the mebership but would do nothing about a refund.

And just so you know, they do not have supervisors so forget getting anywhere with that. I stongly suggest calling Penneys and speaking to a supervisor there.


It might be unfortunate that JCPenney has associated with them, but it was you who signed up. They didn't scam you into it.

You should read offers more closely when you make orders instead of just clicking through to get your ten dollars off.

Then you won't "somehow" enroll in something you don't want.

This seems like a complaint that should be aimed at the Stonebridge people, as they're the ones in charge of cancelling your account and refunding your money.


This is either a phishing scam. There is no such rewards.

You were duped into someones scheme. Why does this have anything to do with your complaint here?

Learn to search the internets.


I hit by this recently. This is nothing more than a phishing scam.

I'm glad I caught it soon, they would have been dinging my account every month. They have lost another customer.