I have been a JCPenney customer for many years and have purchased quite a few pieces of fine jewelry.I have purchased the lifetime warranties several times, but didn't use one for sizing until 3/10.

The ring I sized was yellow gold with white gold prongs or so I was told. When the ring was sized, the size was incorrect and the white gold prongs had a yellow tinge. I talked to several stores and managers and was told that the prongs were white. Over time, the prongs discolored further and I went to a reputable jewelry store to get the prongs checked.

The prongs were in fact plated, but I was still within the normal return period. After much debate, the store manager finally returned the ring, but not my $65 warranty.

In May of 2010, I took certified earrings in reluctantly because one had a broken back. The store sent both earrings out and when I received them back the stones were brown!

The store managers had little concern or explanation for the problem. The earrings were sent to the repair company again and came back with new backs, but longer posts that I couldn't wear. The posts were crooked and the back of the earring had holes in the metal. I had numerous manager look at the earrings and they offered to do nothing, but send them in again.

I called the corporate customer care number and was never called back! I ended up taking the earrings to another jewelry store and had to spend $110 to fix their mistakes.

I have a platinum card, but will never give Penneys any more money after taking $200 of mine without so much as an apology.I have always loved Kohls and they stand behind what they sell no matter what and will get my business from now on.

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They do not stand behind their mattress warranties either.



BlingBling, U nasty!


Interesting enough, I have had more issues with SEARS and KOHLS.The kohls associates have expressed the desire to be drunk rather wait on customers.

I found that to be a professional response that was inviting for other customers. I expressed my concern to corporate about it.

They sent to store manager my message which they refused to respond to me at all.Kohls is known for poor customer services.

Chicora, Pennsylvania, United States #190251

Im sorry to hear that.I had a similar experience.

I bought a 14k ring glittering with 1/4 diamonds that was meant to be put on my pecker. The jeweler behind the counter that smelled of rotten cabbage and monkey butt, told me it is guaranteed for life, regardless of what hole a put my pecker in. That night my wife let me go anal and I really gave it to her. About 10-12 diamonds were missing when I pulled out.

I took it back to the store and the same bad smelling woman said it doesnt cover anal entry.I said, "You said it is guaranteed for life no matter what hole I go for." She said, "I'm sorry, just follow your wife around with a bag until she pushes out the diamonds." Thats not cool

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