I purchased (2) Mens neckchains 1- 10k Gold and 1- Silver (2) Mens bracelets 1- 10k and 1- Silver all of which I found out to be not what I paid for, I went to have a watch battery replaced at my local jeweler and was offered a free jewelry cleaning so I took them up on the offer at which time I was informed that the 10k Gold Necklace was not Gold and was more likely to be plated. I asked how this could be the Jeweler then went on to test the necklace with a magnet and acid, they then suggested I contact the JCP and the manufacturer of the Aurafin brand Richline Group.

I called th JCP corporate office and was told to take it back to the store and the store Manager is the only one able to resolve this issue, later 9/16/2014 I called the Richline Group to get more information and to find out if the necklace was in fact plated or some other metal. The Richline Group representative said he would email me the information and has not. I then went on to check all the pieces of jewelry I have purchsed from JC Penny and they are all attracted to magnet(s) my other jewelry not purchased from JC Penny are not attracted to magnet(s) so now a I am left one option it seems to deal with the store manager that is stating jewelry purchased over 60 days is non returnable even though I have the original box and tags. I do have one thing to say to those saying you should buy a store warranty any business that sells jewelry merchandise above $1000 should provide a warranty free of charge jewelry is not an electronic device or clothing that is easily worn or broken, when I purchase a watch of $300-up I receive a warranty some have even given lifetime warranties free of charge, I think purchases over a $1000 make it fair to say if the jewelry is what it is claimed to be, then it is worth having a honorable policy.

Needless to say I would suggest anyone looking to purchase jewelry learn how to spot real from fake jewelry, I wish I would have been more skeptical before making my purchases and trusting the JC Penney store. Below I have added picture showing cleary how a magnet picks up both the Silver and Gold jewelry pieces.

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I bought a 22inch 10k gold Mariner Link Men's necklace from JcPenneys for myself on my birthday in 2016. It had a retail price of over $3,000 dollars.

I waited for the maximum discounts and bought it for $1,400. I took it too a gold dealer 1 month ago to see how much they would buy it for. They told me it was not gold and wouldn't buy it, the magnet he used picked up every part of the chain. I had the lifetime care plan on the chain and took it back to JcPenneys.

They sent it off to have their people confirm if it was gold or not. Their people sent back a response to the store manager it was gold. I told the store manager I wasn't happy with the response. He asked me if I would be satisfied if we had it tested at a local jeweler.

He told me if it's not gold he would give me a full refund. We're waiting now to get the chain back from JcPenney. As soon as it gets back I told the store manager I want to be at the local jewelry store when they check it out. He agreed, so I look forward to his facial expression when they tell him it's not real.

I want my damn money refunded. I will never buy jewelry from JcPenney's again after this mess.


This just happened to me I am sick about the fraud theyre committing I am literally in tears

to Carrie 8 #1402017

I bought a 500$ necklace for my daughters 18th birthday I am truly disgusted cant stop crying


I would have never believed this except for the fact about 3 years ago i bought a ehite gold necklacr from jcpennys for inbetween 5 and 600 dollars and just found out today when i went to pawn it off that it is only silver. Jcpennys are scumbags and thiefs. They ahould be arrested.


As an employee in a large dept store, I get asked by customers all the time if something is solid gold or not. Think about it, if the necklace has a cheap price..it's not solid gold!

I think this is a lack of understanding & listening on the customer's part. You all just don't pay attention & like to make your own stuff up.

to Christie #1565367

3000 for a chain is not cheap dumb ***


Thank you for the heads up. I never would have doubted JCPenney's jewelry. Now i will never buy jewelry from them.

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