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My name Dan and today September 19, 2015 i was shopping at JCPENNEY in West Covina store number 1505 Tran: 1364 at 8:23pm checking my last purchase. I was a little upset about the an associate name Vinh because i am trying to take advantage of the $10.00 off $25.00 purchase and he ask me if i have the coupon for him to scan, i told him no i don't have it and i ask him if he has one when he can use just like all other registers.

He said no but ask me to go to jcp website to get one. In the mean time he is helping other customers while i am trying to find the coupon on jcp and had a difficult time to find it. After he help other customer, he came back to me to ask me if i got the coupon.

I said no i don't know how to get it and he said never mind i will enter the coupon code manually. After he make me go through all that time to find the coupon code when he can do it manually, maybe he has a bad day, but that's not how he should take it out on me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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First of all: YOU were the one at fault. JCPenney can't just give you a discount because you were too *** to bring your coupon.

Second of all: Your self-entitledness isn't going to get you anywhere. You do realize that if Vinh just gave you a discount without a coupon, he could lose his job right?

It's against their policy to randomly give discounts without coupons or valid reasoning. I swear...selfish *** people are the reasons why some hate working retail.


Associates can't enter coupons manually because they get in trouble for that. They need something to scan, so you sir, made the associate break the rules because your stupidity.


This is one big misconception that customers have about JCP coupons: that you AUTOMATICALLY get the $10 discount when you spend $25. No you don't!

You need to physically BRING the coupon yourself.

It's against company policy to keep coupons near registers because it erodes any profit lines. Other stores are the same, they won't give you a discount unless you bring it in yourself.


Maybe you should come prepared and quit holding up the line. Own your stupidity and quit blaming the retail company and associate just doing their job. Bring your coupons!