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JCPenney has not fullfilled a catalogue order and will not refund my money. I am left without the merchandise (furniture) and no refund (I paid in full with cash).

Also when and if they do refund my money I will not receive the shipping and handling back ($274). I waited for 8 hours for delivery to only find out that they cancelled the order without my knowledge and sent it back to the warehouse (I could only get this informaiton from finding the trucking company myself and having the trucking company explain to me what happened).

I am so pissed.

Location: Sacramento, California

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First off the department did not steal your money, if anyone did it was the company. Second, try contacting someone besides the truck company to find out what happened before complaining about it.

Yes they should have let you know if it was cancelled, I've gone through this myself waiting over a month to finally get the merchandise but I did get it. If they cancelled your order it wouldn't have been sent out which means they wouldn't have charged your card (Making an assumption you used a card since just shipping was $274).

Yes you received a receipt but that's just to show you ordered it. I would suggest you buy items in stores from now on seems like this was a little too much for you to handle.


Always contact the manager. If not go to the assistant store manager.

If not the store manager.

If not, corporate.

This chain ALWAYS works with penneys. It never fails :)


I am so glad you could get your complete refund! Thats whats fair, but I can imagine all the time and patience that I might have taken you to get that! But I am happy for you!


Great, its the minimum favor they could have done for you... You should put a complaint in the BBB.


I just got off the phone with a manager who has agreed to give me back the full amount paid including the Shipping and Handling.

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