Springfield, Virginia

I bought an item with a JCPenney credit card. Even though I paid in plenty of time, I was charged a $25.00 late fee.

I have read on the internet that many people are being charged fraudulent late fees. I wrote a letter within 60 days about the error, but the letter was ignored. I tried to call, but no live person answers the phone. I of course canceled my account immediately.

Right before filing a complaint with the federal government, I managed to get through to Amy in Fraud Protection Department, who said she would forward me to someone else.

I then spoke to Macy, who says the automated phone system only works if the customer says "agent" or "representative." She said that there are no instructions to say this on the statement on in the recording, so that any customer not guessing this would not be able to contact JCPenney. The lack of response by JCPenney makes it pretty much impossible for someone to report or do anything about fraudulent charges on their bill.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Credit Card.

Monetary Loss: $25.

  • JCPenney credit card fraud late fe
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Seriously that doesnt have to do with JCP thats a GE credit thing the stores dont have anything to do with charging you a late fee.....complain about GE credit or actually pay your bill on time


Nice try shill...you mean to say that JC Penny has no input to their credit provider. Credit agreements between lender and retailer are determined by the retailer.

The lender only provides collection, bookkeeping and distribution of payment for a fee. Wow!


Our JCPenny cards are through GE credit. That is who we always speak with about out card information not JCPenney.

There names are just on the card. Their not the actual ones giving the money

John N

File a complaint, online at FTC.gov

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