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I have been a loyal customer for 30 years. now you cant find a register, or some one who knows how to wait on you.

They have let all the good employee go because they are not jcp material. Who belt the store and customer base? all they have is young people who walk around with I pads That don't know how to use them. or respond to a real human .

What a waste of a good company . Ya it looks nice and new but useless to me.

All the products that I depended on getting are no longer sold.. so off to kohls I go.

Location: Silver Springs Shores, Florida

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I wear the cabin creek shorts and love the way they fit. I can't find anything that will compare to these. bring them back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!


I,also, miss being able to buy Cabin Creek corduroy pants. I’v tried Several other brands of pants and am not pleased with the fit, the quality of fabric or the price.

I would buy one of every color today if they were available. Isn’t there somebody out there who wants to make this brand available again?


Who is carrying Cabin Creek jeans or are they being manufactured under a different name. August 24, 2019


Please bring Cabin Creek Jeans back! They are so comfortable to wear. I have yet to find a pair of jeans that I like.

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