Allentown, Pennsylvania
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Was at the JC Penney, for the first time in about a month and noticed three registers removed and a lot of the best part of JC Penney missing, then I grabbed a pair of dress pants and as I've always done went to go price check as things aren't always as they are marked. Walked to where the scanner has always been, not there, went to where I knew there was another, not there either.

So I put my item back and began to leave the store, as I was heading out, there were three employees standing in young mens, one asked did I need help, I said, yes I can't find the price checker to confirm price, his response was, we took those out as we have everyday low prices (bunch of ***), he said he could price check for me at the register, I told him I put the item back and it was a waste of my time to go to the register to confirm a price when as I noted they took out 3 of the registers. My favorite store is no more, this "NEW" JC Penney is something I do not plan to shop at again.

Monetary Loss: $60.

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The JCPenny app is free in the app store for iPhone and android and has a price checker built in. That's what I use.


I'm not wasting my time staying in line just to check price so I stopped shopping at JC Penny since they took out price scanner.


I am upset they removed the price checkers as well.


Yep same thing happened to me n my sisters. Put our stuff back n went to Kohl’s


Makes me feel lucky that we had ours until last month. I guess it is part of their remodel. Surprise at the register must be the name of the game.