Boston, Massachusetts

Placed an online order on 4/21 for 5 in stock items. Received an email confirmation stating that my items would arrive in 4-7 business days.

To make a long story short, my order finally shipped on 4/27 (As several of the items were located in "different distribution centers", I was informed that 6-7 days was a normal shipping time frame for on line orders..) My order arrived at UPS (A 5 minute drive from my house) on 5/2..( 11 days from order date), it was listed as being on the truck for "delivery next day" FOR 8 DAYS. (Total 19 days) UPS was unable to assist me with this due to the "shipping method" chosen by the shipper. Daily emails to JCP yeilded the same canned response that it was on the truck to be delivered the next day, They were very sorry for the delay, but they informed me that UPS can take up to 10 days to deliver (Pure BS. I do all of my shopping online and have never had a problem like this with any other retailer.) Finally, on the 20th day (and my 12th email) They agreed to issue me a credit, as it appeared that the shipment was "missing".

My credit would appear on my credit card statement within TWO MONTHS. Unacceptable, don't order anything from them online that you don't mind waiting a long time for, if you are lucky enough to receive it

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Credit Card.

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I didn’t receive my package even through my email said it arrived. I’m totally disappointed


I've had the same problem. I ordered an item it's a 3 to 5 days to ship.

Okay, I'll give them that. Ship my item in 3 to 5 business days. I won't expect it here then. But when I look 7 days later and I have an email that says my items on the way.

I wait 2 days to check tracking so it's updated, and then see that my item has just been sent to UPS? Not the day they said either... But two days later. How did they get away with telling you something's on the way when it hasn't been sent to UPS?

From here on out I can blame the shipper... But not before. I'm sure somebody will find a way to blame this on the shipper...

But when it happens over and over again with different shippers who can you blame? You can blame me for trusting JCPenney for the last time.


I too ordered 3 weeks ago and have not received emal confirming orderglad to hear I'm not the only one


Don't hold your breath waiting for delivery. 4 to 7 days for delivery.


No wonder this company is going under. Customer service is not what it use to be.


First and last time ordering from My order was placed on 12/29/2016 and was shipped on 1/2/2017 but no tracking number was provided.

Although, it lists that UPS is the carrier. I called JCPenney (after waiting for 15 minutes) for them to tell me that sometimes their slow to update the tracking numbers?!

Shouldn't this process have some automation? How does something get shipped with no tracking number?


This is a really late comment but, guys after jcp has released the order to UPS or USPS or FedEx, then it is no longer the responsibility of jcp, but the shipping companies. It is understandable that you guys are mad, but dont blame it on a company that just provides the item, not ship it.

It is not their fault that the shipping company is having troubling fulfilling the order because they have no control over them. You can almost even blame yourself, because most orders that have standard shipping are passed over for items with more priority, and because that was the holiday season, a small majority of people would put a rush on their order, higher than any other holiday season of the year. All im saying is that you should stop blaming jcp and blame the shipping companies because they are the ones responsible for the shipping of the product, not jcp. Jcp only uses the standard days estimated, the numbers do not automatically change because its the holidays.

Remember the days are ESTIMATED. And if you guys saw your delay on one of the shipping companies websites to track your order, then my point makes even more sense and jcp had nothing to do with it.


Horse!#@. So if I send a check to the IRS for taxes and it doesn't get there in time, you're saying it's the post office's fault?


Exactly! I assume you're being amusing :) Of course in your example it would be the post offices fault.

Just like this person can only blame the company doing the actual shipping as that portion of the transaction is the responsibility if them not the store.

Logical. Common sense.


If this is a known problem, why don't they change shipping companies?


:( 12/24/13 - They're still up to their old tricks.

The 4-7 days line is pure B.S.

Who knows when my family will get their Christmas gifts?


I ordered one item on 11/22/12 that showed 'in-stock' and they stated 4-7 day delivery. I understand that it was black Friday but do NOT say 4-7 days if you can't deliver. Now 13 days later here I am and I have been on hold for 17 minutes so far trying to find out what is going on.

JCP has gone way down hill!


I ordered one item on 11/22/12 that showed 'in-stock' and they stated 4-7 days for delivery. I understand that it was black Friday but do NOT say 4-7 days if you can't deliver.

Well I checked with them about 20 days later wondering when I would get my jeans since the website says my order is cancelled? Some guy in their outsourced customer service tells me the jeans are backordered and I will see them on Janauary 17th! So I call today to check again and they tell me the order was cancelled? I ask why?

they say because the item was on back order. You think it might be worthwhile for them to call me first and tell me? SO then they tell me they refunded my money and they haven't! I paid with a giftcard and then they tell me we put the balance back on the card.

Well that was 45 days ago, do you think I still have the card?

no. These people are idiots, never again will I buy online from them...


Avoid ordering anything online from JCPenny for Christmas. You probably won't receive it.

I placed an online order on Nov.22, never received it even though the website gives a 4-7 day delivery period.

Its been 10 BUSINESS days, not even counting weekends, still no delivery. Called them this afternoon only to find out it hasn't been shipped yet!

Customer service blamed it on Black Friday shopping, so they'll "send it to their managers" "to find out why it hasn't shipped and will get back to you in 2 days". Completely done with them.


i never got mine yet and it was suppose to come no later than 10 days from 11/26 and i'm still waiting..


I also got suck in the ordering loop, I have purchased 10% of what I usually do. Shopping at Kohl's and Target on line is very user friendly.

@Mary on November 1, 2012 from

Kohl's online for small orders will ship budget MI or smartpost but charge you for ground. Kohl's is terrible.


I was a longtime loyal customer. Now I wait 3-4 weeks if I order online and when it finally arrives there's no Catalog Dept., so who knows who will go to get your order and when.

The website is *extremely* irritating because they leave stuff up that is sold out in your size so you waste a lot of time looking at stuff they've posted for you that isn't available. Not to mention their getting rid of the wonderful Cabin Creek line and many classic styles of low maintenance and excellent quality. The coupons were fun and really saved $. I am not an old fogey.

They have messed up bigtime.

The monthly books are awful. The over-35 demographic has $ to spend on themselves and family members and I'm no longer spending it at JCP.


Yep, I was booted out the door also. Attempted to order several items and during each attempt, my shopping bag was cleared out.

When It finally took, tried to log in with my password where I ran into a loading loop and when exiting out for the 3rd time, it cleared my bag. Tried to call the 800# for customer service and to place and order, and the phone hung up on me after the automated response. My how JCP has fallen.

Getting rid of the Catalog department and outsourcing to 3rd world countries to save a buck. Ron Johnson great job.


Its been 14 days and im still waiting. I buy online all the time and this is the first store that has taken this long and no way to track it.

Called and they told me the same thing. "Pending shipment" never again will i buy online unless i have the time to wait for it.


This is not a rare occurrence. The same thing has just happened to me.

I place an order on June 29th it is now July 8th and is showing items in stock processing and has yet to ship. When I called to complain I was also given the canned response. I told them I shop online all the time and usually items are shipped the next day and this has been 10 days and still has not shipped!

Are the people who are running JCP actually TRYING to put it out of business?? I miss my old favorite store.