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I ordered (2 orders) from JC Penney online. The day that I received notification that my orders were ready to pick up is the same day that the mall JC Penney is located had a fire (Westfield Galleria Mall, Roseville, CA). JCP unfortunately had fire damage and many stores were closed.

I called the 1-800 catalog number the next day to see what they were doing with orders. They didn't even know about a fire, and left me on hold while they called around to find something out. I was then told that it might take about a week, but they were going through the inventory and would let customers know if they needed to pick their orders up at another location (Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights, CA) or if they would have to be reordered due to damage. This was on 10/21/2010.

After a week and I hadn't heard anything, so I called back again and they told me I needed to contact the Sunrise Mall store. I did that. I was told they hadn't received any orders, nor did they show any orders coming.

I called the catalog number back and informed them of the information I just received. I was told it may be a few more days. I am wondering at this point why no one is calling ME to inform me of what's going on with my order.

Three days later I called the catalog number; they again told me to call Sunrise Mall location. I was told by the person at the Sunrise Mall location that it looked like my orders were supposed to be coming there, but she didn't know when.

I called Sunrise Mall location AGAIN a few days after that -- same information.

I called the catalog number (I don't know when or even how many times anymore!) and again was told that they had no information and to call the Sunrise location.

Honestly, I can't even remember how many times I went around in this ridiculous circle. Meanwhile (at this point), I am STILL receiving automated calls from JCP telling me to come and pick up my orders from the Galleria location!

I called the Sunrise location one last time (Jasmine), and she informed me that one of my orders had come in, but not both. Upon checking my email after that conversation, I located an email that was sent to a defunct email account that I no longer use, nor EVER gave to JCP (they are similar so they simply did not pay attention, and my email is a catchall account, so I was lucky I got the email at all!). The email stated "Dear Deborah, This e-mail is in regards to an order that was returned by the store because you did not pick it up. At this time we cannot place a reorder at no charge. A credit was issued to your credit card, even though this card has been cancelled, the credit was applied so the card company should be sending you a refund check for the credit amount. At this time the only way we can place a reorder is if you give us a new form of payment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to reorder please contact our Customer Relations Department at 1-800-221-5898. Thank you."

This is impossible. The account I paid for the order from (my checking account) had been closed for a couple of weeks.

I called the Sunrise location back and told her what I found. She put me on hold and called the catalog number (said she could get farther than me). When she got back on the line, she said she had reordered the one remaining order and put a note that there was to be no charge since it had been paid for and no refund was received. She said she would stop the automated calls until the entire order was in and I could pick them both up, since this mall was a bit out of my way now.

Oddly enough, a couple days later one order showed up at my house! Then I found ANOTHER email in my defunct email account (even though I corrected the email address with them) stating that they couldn't do anything about the refund, and that I would have to contact my credit card company. When I tried to explain to them (in a call to the number they keep listing that knows nothing)that there was no account available to send the money to, they insisted that I contact my card company. Clearly they cannot hear well.

I sent a scathing email to the catalog company and also a letter to the CEO. The only response I received (AGAIN to the wrong email address) was "Thank you for contacting us in regards to your recent JCPenney purchase. As we stated before you will need to contact your bank regarding the credit issued to your account. Thank you for shopping JCPenney. We look forward to serving you again. JCPenney Customer Relations Case 6826124"

I am at my wits END! I just want my money refunded ($64.94) and I will NEVER utilize JC Penney for anything again -- online or in-store!

Review about: Jcpenney Account.

Monetary Loss: $64.

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Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #731613

I work in customer service. For a different company though.

I can almost guarantee this lady ordered wrong, and was entering in the wrong e mail address or not putting in all of the e mail address. MVP im sure like most big box stores has a very savvy online ordering system.

Why would her order have so many issues if no one else did. In the end it's the end users fault because their not competent enough to read and follow the ordering directions.

to mr.customerservice #731635

Sorry, but you're wrong. The order was correct.

The email was correct. I am quite computer savvy.

I eventually (several months later) received an apology, a full refund, and a coupon.

I trust by your attitude, grammar, and punctuation that you will remain in customer service for a very long time.

to dmccovery #731637

Wow...you act like working in customer service is a menial job. If not for customer service your loop in an automated system would never end.

Customer service reps have to abide by company rules and standards and unfortunatwly what a computer says is going on with your claim. Trust me there are many times i would like to change a policy or find an answer however i am limited by what thw company gives me access to and by the fact that i do not want fired for not adhering to policy

to anon #731646

No... but it simply should be done right, and it's not it should be corrected as soon as possible.

Here we have a customer service person assuming that I did not know my way around a computer or an online ordering system. It was also assumed that I did not know how a customer should be treated when there is a MISTAKE on the part of the company. Typical.

There is the problem, and why it took SO long to get it corrected. Ridiculous.

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