Raleigh, North Carolina

I ordered $6000 worth of window shades from JCP custom decorating which were installed May 2011. Salesperson said these had a lifetime warranty, if anything goes wrong, just call and someone will come right out.

Well in December 2012 one of the strings popped out of one of the blinds and one of the clips broke on another one. I called JCP and was told there would be an $85 service fee just to come out. Where's the warranty? It expired with J CP after 1 year.

I called Hunter Douglas and they won't do anything because I have to go through JCP....company policy.

I can't even order a new clip without going through JCP Custom decorating. What a racket!

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*** need a repair contact me. I will help with info and, if necessary, free parts to do the repair, as well as instructions.

Also, there is probably a warranty repair shop near you.

I can help. blindman20002000@yahoo.com