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Grandpa bought our 3yr old daughter cute little 14k ladybug earings &two weeks later the paint fell off. When we tried to get a replacement, they were wanting a warranty certificate just to exchange.

I raised a stink with sales lady when she said she couldn't do anything for me because 1. dad didn't buy the warranty on a pair of $50 baby earings! 2. the manager didn't work on weekends to override the "Policy".

Well somehow it got to be that they were only going to replace the ONE damaged earing and then she brought it out, and guess what?

The earings paint flaked off right in her hands! I then urged her that I would exchange them for something else and pay the difference- nope can't do that either.Even though she is standing there with red gold paint in her hands..as I say it blew up in her face. There was nothing she could do. So I took my bald gold ladybug & said they were the cheapest company and I said their customer service is a ride in a toilet bowl.

I was so PISSED!

I grew up with Penny's as a kid 30+yrs..I nor my soccer mom buddies & parents have never shopped there again. This was in the Burlington Mall in Mt.Vernon.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Location: Marysville, Washington

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I am writing in support of the products I have purchased at J.C.Penney throughout the years. I am 60+ years old and my mother is 80 years old, and we have never had this type of experience in dealing with Penney's.

I have indeed had problems with a few of the items I purchased there, but the store has always stood behind their (sales) deals. I don't believe we can expect things to be like they were when we were younger. After all, almost everything we buy now is made out of this country and good workmanship isn't always a foreign manufacturer's main concern.

I must say, however, that never has the management at J.C.Penney ever turned their backs on any of the sales that they made to me or my family and friends. I hate that it happened to you, but believe a manager could have rectified the situation.


For those of you who haven't worked retail should probably give it a try. You all complain about such poor service when you should be quite aware of the place you are shopping and at what level of quality their products truly are.

Yet you whine and complain about the horrible customer service yet those working in retail have to put up with customers that are rude, whiny, ignorant, messy, unclean, and trash every area of the store, and then on top of it you expect us to practically wipe your ***.

We are worked hard for low pay and dealing with your bad attitudes and disgusting behaviors and disrespect towards those their to help doesn't make me feel the least bit sorry for all of you. Life isn't perfect so get over complaining about such petty stuff!


Well not all of us are complaining some of us too work at a low pay rate and when we spend 1200 dollars on a necklace that says it's one thing and then appears to be something completely else not even the oawn shop will take its unsettling..


JCPenney has become the worst place to shop, and catalog/online ordering is nothing less than a waste of time. Very few items are stocked.

We may check out with a notice that all items are available, but then we most often we either receive emails stating that the items are no longer available or they just arbitarily cancel the orders without even telling us. Surprise ... when we check our order status items or orders just say "cancelled." Who knows why. And they have even been known to just delete entire orders from their system so we are unable to access them online to logon and check the status through the JCP online system.

When we are lucky enough to receive orders, the merchandsise is of shotty quality or misfilled. I don't know where JPC is getting their stuff, but it seems that they import cheap merchandise now.

Yes, JCP is now notorious for poor customer service. The associates no longer sign the emails that they send to customers, and don't expect them to spend much time researching an inquiry or trying to make you happy.

It is clear that the associates simply don't care and their position is just a job for them. I will say that my home is full of JCP merchandise, as we have been shopping there for 30 years. However, we very seldom shop there now because the entire ordering process just turns out to be a waste of time.

And when they don't offer free shipping and free returns ... well, you are well advised to pass and order elsewhere.


Keep in mind just like many many jewelry retailers they are commissioned.

If you experience a bad associate, contact a manager. They always take care of you.

Occasionally like every business, there are some bad associates. Your complaints help, but to the right people. On here will anything come of it? No.

To that persons manager? Absolutely.


in response to date 4/26/10;

When we decided to purchase our daughter diamond earings for christmas, we purchased the warranty. However 4 year later we've NEVER been back to JCPennys and now our daugher is 7 years old.

We've learned our lesson with buying junk jewelery from Pennys.

Sweet Grandpa who bought the cute ladybug earnings hasn't been back there either! He shops for us at Ben Bridge or Zales.


Im sorry that happened to you, But you should know that the paint that flaked off is just enamal. Its not gold or anything exspensive.

Its cheap stuff the childrens jewlery is of poor quality.

The clerk did you wrong though. If the earrings were within the 60days w/ reciept she MUST take them back and also she could of charged you the differnce if you were going to purchase something else.

If it wasnt within the 60days then you should of took the careplan b/c jewlery is an investment even if you only paid 50$. :grin


Aww man that is awful customer service. JCPenney needs to learn there are many other stores folks can buy their jewelry at. The smart thing to do is to return those earings or to at least offer something equal value.


I did demand one & she was the one from another dept. who was going to replace just the "one" earing.


There is always a manager on duty somewhere in the store I would of demanded to see the manager on duty.This just shows how much don't value their customers

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