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After purchasing a item on line I find they sent the wrong size, even though the order states the correct item & size....I did not want to spend more shipping charges to send the item back so I took it to the local store and returned it....I paid for the item with a debit card...They credited the item back to my debit card...The problem is, I have to wait 3 to 5 business days for the credit to hit my bank. its not my bank, it is JC Penny holding the money before issuing refund..

Thats not right. When you buy a item on line it debits your account right away...your refund should be in within 1 business day...Will not shop at Penny's again..

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I return something the same day like 5 min after I purchased it and now its been like 6 days and still no money back to my debit card


Today is the 15th day I’ve been waiting on my debit card to be refunded the amount of the return. They say it’s my bank but that’s not true. This is bs I can’t purchase something and wait 15+ days to pay without being charged, so how can they hold my money this long?


What country am I in ? thats right they push any button to get out of a transaction if they don't know what they are doing.

I returned a item and nothing showing on my banking account. Now I have to drive over to jc penny's because they don't understand what I am talking about how easy could this be Im done with these stores Like I said what country am I in


I find this extremely Annoying and inconsistent! They withdraw the amount immediately when you make a purchase but it takes them days to refund you back your money!

I hate the way they work! JCP needs to change this ASA!


I am curious why they are not crediting my card yet. I returned 4 days ago


I came here to read reviews on how long it takes ppl to get money returned from a JCP purchase, because my return transaction on a debit is taking a while. Looks like it's NOT just me, outta luck wit that for some time I see smh.

JCP, we are done son! Never again.


I agree! I took a coat back to Penney's in Kansas City, and 4 days later still have not been credited on my card.

That same day, I returned a hair styling device back to Target which is right across the street from the Penney's. So I was at Target about 15 minutes after leaving Penney's. The refund from Target hit my bank account before I even walked out of the Target store!!!

So it is PENNEY's that is holding onto your money! I will not shop there again!


Happened to me too, Omaha, NE. I will never shop there again!! I’m livid!!


I agree same here in Michigan


Do not use your debit or credit card to purchase anything from JCP. If u have to take it back for some unknown reason for a refund it will take a long time to receive a refund.

As big as JCP is you would think that you would receive your money back within a few days.It's ridiculous. I shop @ Ross, bought items there before on my debit card but had to return a few things. It only took 5-10 minutes to receive my money back on my card. JCP sucks!

They wonder why their sales are declining.

Doing a customer like this is why. I will never step foot in another JCP as long as their around.

to U.S. MALE #1408823

I agree

to U.S. MALE #1433331

Agreed. At least with the do not shop (here) part!!


I ordered my items on November third they never came because they got lost. I got a refund issues the 17th, never showed up on my card.

Called the 20th, and they said they had to send a check?? Still haven’t received a check. Or anything for that matter. 80 bucks just missing and they aren’t even apologetic.

I’ve been told ten different stories.

They just keep saying the check is in the mail but why on earth they’d send a check in 2017 is insane to me. I will never shop at jcpenny again.

to Payton Kelly #1407622

I agree with u totally bunch of stupid *** work at jcpenneys. I ordered some shoes november 7 & never recieved my order here it is December & still nothing.

There dumb *** are quick 2 take your money bit the *** with u is the attitude u get from them when it comes 2 refunding your money back. SO MY ADVICE 2 ANYBODY IS 2 DONT EVEN WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY AT JCPENNEYS 4 ***.


Same problem! I agree, I'm done with them!

to AJ #1396987

Ordered my items on the November 3rd, found out the 17th they were lost, got issued a refund on my debit card. Called the 21st because the refund never showed up.

They said “sorry we had to send you a check.” A CHECK, I paid with my card and it’s 2017... it’s the 27th and I still have not received any check or any refund. Over 100 bucks just missing for over a month.

No one even apologized and even had a manager tell me to shut up on the phone. No wonder they are going out of business.


I placed an order twice. First time 3 items never shipped , so I had to reorder.

Then the second order came in with 2 items not the size I ordered & the 3rd item

came in wrong item & wrong color.

Now I have to drive 30 miles to return it.

No return slip was in the package.

I took some things back over a week ago

& still they have not credited my credit card. JC Penney is awful


Sane here! They told me its my bank holding the money.

Usually i have done returns in other stores a d paid with debit card and i get the option of cash or back to my card.

Jc penny sucks. Not shopping for electronics anymore.


Ok that's most places....3 to 5 business days so what......

to Stop complaining #1408825

It’s not a complaint when you return their merchandise and request the return of your funds in the same time table

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