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After purchasing a item on line I find they sent the wrong size, even though the order states the correct item & size....I did not want to spend more shipping charges to send the item back so I took it to the local store and returned it....I paid for the item with a debit card...They credited the item back to my debit card...The problem is, I have to wait 3 to 5 business days for the credit to hit my bank.its not my bank, it is JC Penny holding the money before issuing refund..

Thats not right.When you buy a item on line it debits your account right away...your refund should be in within 1 business day...Will not shop at Penny's again..

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Same problem! I agree, I'm done with them!


I placed an order twice.First time 3 items never shipped , so I had to reorder.

Then the second order came in with 2 items not the size I ordered & the 3rd item

came in wrong item & wrong color.

Now I have to drive 30 miles to return it.

No return slip was in the package.

I took some things back over a week ago

& still they have not credited my credit card.JC Penney is awful


Sane here!They told me its my bank holding the money.

Usually i have done returns in other stores a d paid with debit card and i get the option of cash or back to my card.

Jc penny sucks.Not shopping for electronics anymore.


Ok that's most places....3 to 5 business days so what......


It looks like we are losing $175. I'm so upset due to their LOSING a suit I returned in the mail! I'm so frustrated.


Going thrue same thing

hate jc p

Smiths Station, Alabama, United States #898984

i have he same issue and this will be my last purchase with them. They have actually lost a great customer. There lost is someone else's gain!


I purchased sheets for my mom and sent them to her for Christmas.They were in a pretty Amethyst color to match her room.

Ordered Queen size they arrived as King size and packing slip said Queen. They had no other in that color to replace them, & tried to sell me snow white sheets, so they had UPS take her a label and pick them up. They arrived within two days on Dec. 19, 2013 back to the warehouse.

It is now January 4, 2014 and I'm still waiting for a refund to my Visa. I keep getting different information, each time I call. The latest is it can take up to two billing cycles to get your refund! WTH??

They take it off within one day and it takes two months to put the money back electronically!! Told them I'll never use JCP.com ever again.

Who are they fooling??It was their error, I didn't just return them because I didn't like them!


Dont agree, give a little leeway. UK consumer law allows retailers up to 28 days to process refunds so 3 days isnt that bad

Orlando, Florida, United States #764606

This is not a Penny's issue, many retailers require 3-5 business day processing for a refund.

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