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JCP is a terrible place to work! I just quit a JCP salon about two weeks ago and I will never ever be back.

Working there started going downhill in May when they stopped paying us commission and paying us only minimum wage. When we found out we were going to have to give free kids' haircuts for 31 straight days, that was the last straw! They lost two hair stylists (including me) because of that. My co worker turned in her notice in time for her last day to be August 2.

Lucky her!! I gave the promo a chance and it was a disaster! I was nice and finished the month out because they needed the help. This salon had gone short staffed for six months before that.

Our store manager completely neglected the salon and refused to hire more stylists or a salon manager. We had to do that back to school promotional with only four stylists available to work. A different day of the week, one stylist had to work twelve hours by herself. We were allowed ONLY ONE thirty minute lunch break those days.

The free kids' cut special took off way better than anticipated and that was not a good thing for our location. We got so booked with free services, we had no choice but to turn away all our of our loyal paying customers. These regulars did not take this well and probably won't be back. The JCP hotline (1-800-JCP-KIDS) did not help the situation.

Customers could also call this number and book a haircut for their child. This hotline had absolutely no communication with us. They would book us appointments without considering we were overly booking our own and never even called to let us know anything. When we called them and requested they not book us any more, she refused.

She said they were not allowed to do that. This caused a lot of angry customers because they could not prove to us they had an appointment and we had no room for walk-ins. That brings me to the next issue. Sorry if I offend anyone, but these kids were not well behaved at all and the parents were even worse.

Having to beg every single person in your chair all day everyday to sit still got old really fast! People started booking appointments for this in July. Those who did make an appointment had to do it two or more weeks ahead of time (that does not count the so called ones the hot line booked for us). Parents would just walk in last minute expecting to get their four to six kids haircuts that minute and would get offended when we just didn't have the time.

Like we did that on purpose just so we wouldn't have to work on their children lol. It was total chaos! To add insult to injury, we were getting paid minimum wage receiving very little to no tips to put up with all that mess. NOT WORTH IT!!

We were so happy when the 31st got here. Then management tried to tell us they extended it until September 3rd. We refused! 31 days of that commotion was enough!

My last day was September 1st, thank goodness. I now work in a private shop where I call my shots and will never be made to do free haircuts again. Now I just found out that because the month of August worked so well, JCP will be giving free haircuts to breast cancer survivors the month of October. They mean well, but people will tell any lie for free stuff.

They will also be giving away free kids cuts every Sunday permanently starting November 4th. That is ridiculous! The JCP chain salon is going to scare away what decent stylists they have left! In my opinion, giving away all those haircuts is going to be the death of that salon chain.

There's no way they can make any money and they will be forced to turn away paying customers every Sunday (some regulars only come on Sundays). I'm so glad I got out of there when I did. I apologize for the really long review and I know none of this is what customers want to hear. But these customers don't realize what JCP's poor stylist went through the month of August and will continue to go through.

People heard the word "free" and flooded that place! All the while being extremely rude and so picky that a lot of kids unnecessarily took up to an hour to do. That caused us to run behind the rest of our fully booked days.

Good riddance JCP! You will not be missed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Manager.

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That's a shame , I don't think Mr. Penney wanted his business ran in to the ground, I'm sure Mr. Penney is rotisserie in his grave.


I recently got hired at JCPenny salon. And I can't wait to start.

Before becoming a cosmetologist I use to work for the school district. That was a job where they fired teaches for no reason and didn't have to give an explanation as to why. Teachers would come and go. They hired them a dime a dozen.

The administration had No appreciation. It was a shock to the system. Then I decided to become a Cosmetologist. Its the most satisfying and most appreciated career I have ever had.

Sure it has ups and downs like every career. But the love of it is why you go on. The confidence you give others is priceless. Even if you have to do it for free once in a while.

Its great advertising and it makes a difference to others. The clients that are faithful to you give you reason to get up in the morning. Their stories sure some are a little weird, but they have all the best intentions in their heart. I hope that all the stylists here can think back and remember why you became a cosmetologist.

Remember how you felt when you learned that you passed stateboard. Remember how it felt when You got your first salon job. Sure sometimes this career is hard, but every career is challenging in their own aspects, but don't let the difficulties change you. Let them make you grow.

Find that love again. That reason as to why.

May God bless you all. Keep doing what you do with your heads up and a smile.


I currently work for jcp. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

I am paid minimum wage despite being a gifted stylist and consumate proffesional for 20 years, i am being undermined in the career that i love. Must get out before im too destitute to survive.


i would never recommend jcpennys salon to work north east mall, i was treated like dirt, all the manger and lod toffer could do is attack me ,i told them i was new i didnt get any classes ,i was ask if i give good custermer service i now i do.toffer put me down in front of the hole salon no class. i made some mistakes but thats why i took the job because thought i was going to be trained. i did do some good work to but i geusses that doesnt count


Jcp has conspired against the salon stylist with weak, arbitrary management heavy on nepotism. The clients are run away by schizophrenic pricing and ZERO receptionists relying on underpaid stylists to answer phones AND service clients.

Dont let them steal your love of doing hair. They have some nerve making you feel that way.

Show them what you're made of. Trust me they mistreat even their very best.


Doesn't matter of its for employees or consumers, we all have a right to be pissed off and rant about it!!! Good ridden from another ex employee!!


I'm sorry you made minimum wage when we switched. Quite a few of us made a VERY nice salary.

Based on what we did previously... and the kids cuts? We only had 4 girls also and we did just fine. And made time for our regulars.

Our salon leader sucks horribly and has.made us.lose four girls and.about to be.five. not the greatest work!


This website is for consumers. Not bitter employees.


Mistreated undermined underpaid disrespected sabotaged employees


I am a current employee of a JCP Salon and I just wanted to say...Thank You and God Bless you for doing what every woman i work with wanted to do but we all need our jobs. You GO! Thank you for being so honest I don't think there is a JCP Salon Stylist that would disagree with you!

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