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Please note. “Vanessa” Defamatory allegation. Read my comments everything is paid for.

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I would like to add that upon my first altercation with this store manager I came back to the store 4 days later and attempted to have a reasonable 45 min conversation to try and see...

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One word: Entitled. It's funny that they know you. It means you either return too much stuff or cause too much of a hassle.Type your message here

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Jcpenney Manager
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Jcpenney in Ocala, Florida - JC Penny's Drapery department

JC Penny's custom decorating Altamonte Springs, Fl. lie to customers to get the job. Terrible installation expensive medallions falling out of the wall, backing to drapes are NOT "blackout" quality you can see right through them, stitching is not straight, they installed them wrong and left holes in the wall where they kept moving them around! Regional Manager came to see the mess, agreed and promised to fix the nasty bed sheets and never came back! They won't come and repair drapes as promised and wrote into the contract!!! They won't return phone calls but keep sending the bill. Run away as fast as you can!!!!
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Jcpenney Manager
I took my seventy-five-year-old mother shopping to the JCPenney store at the Miami International Mall in Florida. My mother wanted to make an exchange (she wanted a smaller size). Anyway, we roamed around the store trying to find a clerk that would help to no avail. We...
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To: Horrible Experience AT Jcpenny store in Miami. I am aware of that feeling.

When i was going into one of the locations where i was at, it was so negative. The employees would let other customers cut into line, when people are before other people into the lines and they would let other employees steal from other customers carts, without knowing about them. They would always have an mean and nasty attitude about it if people confronted them. Here's an story: When i was into the line next too the register.

Two employees cut into the front of me, who got of of work. I wouldn't of minded if they would of asked. I would of let them go out of me. They saw where i was standing, because they were behind me.

I am like, while trying too be nice, "I'm sorry..." before i am able too say anything else, These two employees were negative. Employee 1: "Well. That sucks for you."employee 2: "We are more important than you are. " I thought maybe since they were having an bad day, i would be the bigger person, and let them cut into line into the front of me.

Until this happened. The two employee were walking behind the counters, shoplifting from behind where the other employees were at. The employee saw what had happened. They did not care about the other customers complaining about this.

They rolled their eyes. I asked for the manager. The manager, "Hi. I am the manager too the store.

How may we help you with what you're looking for?." I am like are you really going too let your employees treat your customers like crap and *** And i saw some of your employees stealing from your customers taking things they are buying. The manager was sad and shocked too hear this. While i was showing the managers the employees, they were walking out of the doors with bags of things.

Stupid people playing stupid games and getting stupid prizes. Really JcPenny?

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Jcpenney Manager

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