Glendale, California
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I picked out a Liz Claiborne sweater from JCPenney in the Missi department. The signs for the sweater showed that the sweater cost $19.99.

I went to the register to purchase my items and the lady at the register said that the shirt was actually $27.99. I show the lady the sign that said that the sweater was $19.99. The lady answered us by saying that the new employees miss placed the items or the Christmas shoppers missed placed it. However, there were three or four of the same shirts hanging on that rack.

After our conversation the lady refused to except that the price was $19.99.

She said that she is not going to honor the price and said she will not give it to us for $19.99 this is the reason why were an unsatisfied customer at JCPenney. It is a shame that the employees are not honoring the sign that are from the JCPenney corporation

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Jcpenney Pros: Product.

Jcpenney Cons: Rude employees, Untrained staff and deceptive reps.

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super awful racks that are jampacked and not sorted out well or correctly. what a *** mess.

bunch of idiots wearing careers like they have some type career. NOT.


I suggest that you work on your grammar before calling people idiots. Sentences begin with a capital letter and end with a period. No need to call people idiots when you do not even have simple rules of first grade grammar.


Welcome to the world of retail! We do not HAVE to do anything to honor you or anyone!

We just listen to our managers which is what we get PAID to do! Dept stores are NOT flea markets people where you can barter for items!


If something is misplaced by customers you do not deserve to benefit for it. Good thing you did not get it for the price otherwise you would have been charged with fraud. I think not saving $8 is better than spending Christmas in jail for fraud.


Especially when ypu the customer probably moved sign and then took picture for effect for your web post.


SO true! Customer's (I use this term loosely) remove clearance stickers ALL the time on clothing & put it on what they're "buying". That is theft, but somehow they think they're entitled to do this!!!


The $19.99 font size is that trap. you have to read fine print underneath the jumbo$19.99.

that the actual price.

Jumbo size font prices that lead you to think that is a good deal until you get to check out. people don't buy this ***


While I agree with your response why are you blaming her for her behavior? Obviously she was not raised right.Obviously mommy never taught her right from wrong which is why she is basically trying to scam them