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I went and purchased a diamond cut cuban link chain and bracelet for my 6 month old baby girl. At first when i put it on her she was fine.

After about a week she start turning deep red around her neck. I took it off amd never put it back on. I happen to be doing a major clean up amd ran across the jewelry that was still in the jc penny jewelry box. So i take it to sell because she has out grown it.

Boy did i get the shock of my life when them people told me that the jewelry was fake. I left out of there so fast headed back to jc penny i almost wrecked my car trying to get there. I paid a little over 1500 for this *** jewelry only to find out its fake. Now the funny part is that when i arrived at jc penny raising *** the manager comes and asked how i knew that the jewelry was fake.

So i told her that they scraped it and poured the acid they use to determine if its real or not and that they also used a magnet and as soon as the magnet got close to the jewelry it stuck to it like flies on *** The manager actually picked the jewelry up and grabbed a magnifying glass and made a determination that the jewelry was real because it had a 10k stamp on it. I went in on this lady because i can go and stamp a damn 10k stamp on some damn jewelry and she refused to run the acid or magnet test which was within reach. She gave me back the jewelry and said that there is nothing she can do because she gave her decision that the jewelry was real.

So now I'm stuck with some f***king fake jewelry that i paid over 1500 from a bullshyt *** department store that is making millions by scamming people with fake jewelry. Smfh

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Who the *** puts jewelry on a six month old? Sound like your're not very bright.

If you paid with a credit card maybe see if you can do a charge back. You will have to return the jewelry though for that.

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