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I have spent a lot of money over the last two months at JCPenneys and now regret every penny of it! I found out yesterday that they send coupons to those they select to and then there are those of us that they choose not to send them to.

This is a total scam! Their customer service reps need some training. They don't care, give different answers to the same question and if you challenge them they will hang up on you. And, of course, I charge my purchases to their credit card so why would they offer me coupons.

No wonder this company is going under.

I will find another retailer to spend my money at. They have lost a loyal customer!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Wow cheap and not bright!! Not a good combination!!

It’s not a scam it’s called targeted marketing. In your great and wonderful experience as a shopper you know EVERY facet of EVERY retail business. Silly little mouth breather!! How about opening your mind as much as you open your pocketbook.

There is no possible way they could afford to send coupons to every single customer. They get with a marketing firm that examines the sales information and figures out what AREA OR ZIPCODE isn’t shopping at the store. They will also send coupons to customers who haven’t shopped there in six months. So if you didn’t fall into one of those catagories then you’re not going to get any.

Here a novel idea cheapskate. Ask the sales clerk if they have any extra coupons. I can’t tell you how often I have received coupons and forgot them at home. Every single time I inform the sales person I left them at home and every time I am rewarded for my honesty.

They give me coupons!

So maybe instead of showing the world how vapid of a person you are by making a post that basically states “waaa waaa I didn’t get to be cheap” you can research this information on your own. Obviously you have access to the web just not the brains to use it correctly.

to Durpa #1457271

LOL! You made me laugh out loud.


I needed that today! ;D

to Durpa #1457273

My managers have told me that the customers who spend the most money at our company are the ones who consistently receive coupons in the mail. Makes sense!

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