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After ordering online, I began receiving multiples promotional emails from JC Penney each week. Having made several attempts to unsubscribe and seeing a screen each time that I'd successfully unsubscribed, I continue to receive these unwanted emails.

I've written twice to JC Penney's customer service, received two auto-replies that they've received my plea to be taken off their e-mailing list, no direct response from the company and...continued emails.

Don't ever buy online from JC Penney--they'll harass you for whatever good years you have left (and will likely want to purchase from a more respectful and responsive vendor).

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That happened to me too. I finally had to designate them as " Spam" but somehow a few slip through the cracks and show up in my regular email every now and again.

It was insane; at least three emails a day from Pennys!

Now I have the same problem with the online retailer, Rue La Ru. They will soon be in my spam filter, too.

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