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I’m 65 years old and live in a large apt complex. I don’t get much thru regular mail.

Because we have so much problems with our mail.i first I called customer service and asked if I place a order what delivery service do they use the lady stated ups. I placed a order for outfits for my grandkids.i received a text that ups will deliver on this date I looked out my window the whole day nothing came. I woke up the next day and there was the text saying it was delivered. Nothing was in my box nor outside I checked with everyone nothing I called and one of the reps said it was delivered at 831 at night.

And somehow usps took over the order ,it started with ups.Then she said I have to go to the police department and make a complaint. I stated I’m disabled that’s why I ordered on line I would have to pay for a call a ride to get there and back. All I want is my granbabies outfits for their birthday. These people are not trying to help seniors or disabled people i will never order from them again.

The customer service is useless. I fill like I was robbed by them and who ever took my package

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $105.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Jcpenney Cons: Attitude of customer service, Employee will argue with a customer, Customer service or quality, Terrible customer service to try to get a simple answer, Customer service solution to my problem.

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Both UPS and FedEX now use the post office to do the end delivery of many packages from retailers like Amazon or JC Penny. They deliver your package to the post office in your town and then the post office will make the actual delivery.

Most often, you are not told this vital bit of info when you order. The problem, of course is in the unreliability of the post office to actually deliver mail timely and/or reliably. In your case, someone may have stolen the package as it could have been "delivered" to your front door, the complex office or who knows where. Apparently, as is typical the postal carrier would not have actually knocked on your door---that takes effort---and left it somewhere for you to find.

If you paid by debit card, then you are now out the money, but can still file a dispute for non-delivered goods.

If you were smart and used a credit card, file a dispute and you won't have to pay it until this is resolved. By the way, a delivery by the post office at 8:31 pm seems very suspicious and unusual for the post office---or any delivery company unless it is around the Christmas holidays.


I agree with you. When my mama used to get packages from Publisher's Clearing House, the mailman would drive up and just lay on the horn like an assethole, instead of just getting out of his vehicle and knocking on the door. You had to go out to the vehicle to get your package.

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