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I ordered two toy baby grand pianos online during JC Penney's Columbus Day Sale...and was very happy that I had found such a nice deal for my 2 grandchildren for Christmas. Yesterday, I came home to find a message on my phone saying "This is JcPenney's calling about the order you placed.

The baby grand pianos have been canceled due to an error in pricing, you will have to re-order" I'm just wondering if this was legal for them to do this?

I thought stores have to honor pricing? Is there anything I can do?

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And it's "local" not lacate. And yes they should honor it or come up with a compromise.


Local* (not lacate)


You can go to you locate JCPenny Catalog Department and they should honor the price you which was an error. You will just have to wait for a while to get this price and may it be best to show some proof like an online order confirmation. It will makes this a lot easier and you won't have to wait forever.


Tasha's just angry no one loved her enough to buy her a piano.

But i believe stores have to honor the price or its false advertising.

You can call the Better Business Bureau and report it to them, unless you'd want to take legal action of your own which may or may not be worth it.

Either way I would definately make a call to the BBB. Hope this helps!


Tasha i don't know who pissed in your coffee but a simple question was being asked that required a simple response. What does Dee4js's grandchildren have to do with a sales price error.

You're an individual whom clearly is unhappy with self and choose to take it out on others. What are you mad because your grandparents was as smart or active within your life? Girl you need to learn self worth; then will you be able to respect and preserve the feelings of others. How dare you speak to someone with such anger?

However, i'm sure you were raised this way so never mind.

Dee4js it was a simple error on JCPenny's behalf and yes they should've considered this and granted you the item for what it was quoted for. Since they didn't; they falsly misadvertised a product and in my book and the book of many other Americans, yes this is illegal.


Gee Tasha, how was I supposed to know that the sale price was an error? I thought it was a great deal...we all like great sales, don't we?

We have all bought things on sale, are we supposed to assume that all sale prices are errors? Maybe you don't like getting things at a discount, but I think most of us do.

All I was looking for was an answer to my question about if stores have to honor prices. I was under the impression that they did.

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