My husband and I ordered an item over $200, which we had to return. UPS confirmed that they received it, and after two weeks with no refund, I called to see what the problem was.

Well, it took them 20 minutes just to locate the return (it was not showing up in their system), and then they told me we would get the refund within a week. A week later, and no refund. Once again, I called to see what the problem was, and once again, they could not locate the item. When they finally did locate the order, they told me they would work on getting it done...what?!

It had already been longer than the amount of time it was supposed to take to get the refund in the first place. I asked to speak with a manager, and the woman on the phone acted like it was no one's fault, saying "these things take time." After she referred to the people who were dealing with the return as "they," I asked if she could transfer me to "them." Currently, I am still on hold after 20 minutes, but I am so annoyed with their irresponsibility that I had to post this while waiting to talk to someone who might know something about the return process.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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No refund on appliances return before I received item. 1 month later still no refund.


Customer service tells me it should be already applied so much for your common sense!


I ordered a queen size box springs & mattress on 2/22/14. They charged it to my JCP card on 3/3 said that's when it left the warehouse.

It wasn't delivered until 3/21 - well guess what JCP sent me a twin size! I refused the delivery, got JCP.com on the phone talked with them so did the delivery men and they also talked to their company.

i signed a paper to refuse the shipment that was 12 days ago they still haven't taken that charge off my JCP card! Horrible customer service run around!


Ok. Two weeks and no refund?

You ordered online so you obviously used a credit card.

Businesses and common sense state that it will take 1-2 billing cycles for you to see a refund (that's 1-2 months).

to DontBeDumb #646555

I used to work for JCP, and it certainly does NOT take two billing cycles for a jcp.com return to be credited to a customer's credit card. Sure--if you rely on a paper statement viewed once a month, you wouldn't see a credit until then--but with online account maintenance for any credit card, it's easy enough to see activity on a daily basis.

In the last 14 months, jcp.com has gone to complete ***. Not crediting accounts on a timely basis is the least of their problems. They might try actually having merchandise in stock, for starters--and purging items from search results when not a single size or color is actually available.

This customer should call back and ask to speak to a supervisor right away.

Don't bother talking with a regular agent next time.

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