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JC Penney sucks. I signed up for a card September, 2018.

They sent the card to an incorrect address and never contacted me as to the issue. My charges totaled $12. When I found out about the incorrect address, I called JC Penney. Spoke with a live agent and she told me that it was their fault sending to the wrong address.

She issued a credit for $12 because I had made a 2nd purchase in January in which I couldn't take advantage of a 15% discount they were offering. Now, I am showing a balance of $12 at 60 days late that have hit the credit agencies. I am cancelling the card and I will never shop at JC Penney again. This is ridiculous and a hassle for card holders and impacting client credit scores.

Even though I was told this was fixed, it still shows as a balance AND further impacting my credit scores. Which companies send a $12 bill to collections?

JC Penney bites and they have lost a customer and anyone else that I talk to. All for $12.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Jcpenney Cons: Billing problems - new credit card, 0 customer service.

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I also have issues with JC Penny. We had a purchase balance of 82.33 which was due on 3/2/19.

I pay all my bills electronically. My bank statement showed the transaction was made on 2/25/19, yet the Jc penny Billing department issued a late payment fee of $29.00. It has been verbally waived but I asked my bank if it is possible that this payment was not made on time and they assured me that an electronic payment is made the same day it is shown on the statement. JC Penny tried to blame my bank for the error.

Typical corporate b.s.. I am waiting to see the statement with the credit of 29.00 on it.