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Jcpenney in Washington, District Of Columbia - JCP is so unfair!

I just recently bought a useless 7-in one record player from JCPenney that did not work. They sent me a second record player and that one also did not work. I am a senior and I do not drive. Both times I had to get someone to take these worthless products back to a JCPenney store. I did not want to chance them sending me another record player so I tried to purchase other items that equaled the value of the record player. To my surprise, my order was denied. My order #2016-0775-4022-6632 equaled a value less than what the record player cost and still I was denied. I will never purchase another item from JCPenney. I have been a JCPenney customer for more that 40 years. I have never had a late payment in that 40 year period!
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  • I Live In Bowie
Went to jc pennys charlottesville va. On sat 12/12/15 to return item.. line at one of 2 registers in whole store backed up so bad i one on floor to help...walked fron front to back and found 2 registers which were manned but hugh long lines..i was short on...
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Some advice for you....don't go to ANY store 2 Saturdays before Christmas and expect quick service and no lines. There are other people on this Earth....nothing special about you or your return.

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I had a $54.00 minimum payment due on my JCPenney credit card. In an attempt to boost my credit score, I sent in a $500.00 payment on time. As a reward for my "generous" payment, they reduced my limit by approximately $800.00. putting me within $80.00 of my credit limit, 1 week before Christmas! When I called them, they told me it was a result of them looking @ my credit score, not my payment history with them. That information came from a supervisor! Now I'm starting to see why people file bankruptcy, and don't pay these crooks.
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Jcpenney Credit Card

Jcpenney in Washington, District Of Columbia - Lost me as a customer

It's a real shame you have stopped coupons and incentives to get me in the door. I looked forward to the coupons and bonus cash and even if I didn't need something, I would find myself shopping in your store just in order to use my coupons. Now with your new ticketing, obnoxious ads and confusing sale days on the 1st and 3rd Fridays (or whatever it is) I must say you have lost me. I will enjoy Kohl's incentives and coupons instead. What a dumb move, JCPenney. In this hard economy people look to coupons and discounts to help ease the budget a bit and you took that away. Bad Deal! I now scream NOOOOOOOOOOO back at you like your *** commercial.
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I am a JCPenney employee.

We have a coupon nearly every weekend. If I may ask, what is so confusing?


they lost me as a customer too. not because I can't afford to shop without a coupon as some have stated.

:p But because the coupons made it fun.

:grin the fun has gone out of shopping at JCPenny. :cry So now I shop at Kohl's 8) :grin


My biggest complaint with all the sales they used to have was that they would "mark-up" the prices well over what they should have been charging in the first place in order to put them on sale. The quality of the clothes was way less than the ripoff prices they were trying to charge. Now the problem is they never have anything in stock AND it's overpriced.


Hey Tasha! I bet they take your EBT card, you sound like a typical system sucker....see ya later topsy.


They lost me as a customer too. The prices on some items did go up.

Also no one was told about all the employees that lost their jobs. Shame on you Ron.


They probably work at penney's .noone can seriously be happy with the change!I don't know 1 person that has been there since the change that is happy with it .they will probably lose all their customers.I know i'm done shopping there they can have back my charge card they never made a cent off me from it anyhow as i've never carried a balance!


I totally agree. I'd much rather have coupons like before because I don't see very good prices. Supposedly 40% off or more...that can not be how they are doing things cuz the prices suck...and we have no coupons to use anymore!


The prices now are not discounted. The coupon program got people in the store who bought items that were not on sale also.

Bad move pennys. Will not be visiting.


what happened to personal attacks will be deleted?tasha yoyo and mona weren't exactly being cordial!


i thought personal attacks would be deleted and to keep the topic of messages relevant to the subject what about it tasha and yoyo and mona ripping them off? relevant? Get Real


It is a real shame that you need to be bribed tog get yourself in the store and you cannot afford to shop without the coupons and savings. It is a shame you don't have a job and have to pinch every penny and rely on coupons.

No wonder you do not have a job you cannot even figure out what first and third Friday means. Even minimum wage jobs requires basic education you do not have.


I agree with mona. the items are lowered at a price EVERDAY that way you don't have to wait for a coupon to use.

If you do the math its the same price... then again TLF you probally don't know how to do math...


Do the math, now you dont have to have coupons to save. The prices are already reasonable. You just liked using the coupons to rip them off.

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Jcpenney Deal

Jcpenney in Washington, District Of Columbia - Someone should fire whoever created the Penneys screaming ad

This is just another complaint about Penney's TV ad the features people screaming when they find they missed discounts. It's the most obnoxious ad I've EVER been subjected to and it ensures that I will NEVER shop at Penney's. I'm sure that's not what they intended but I feel someone or maybe lots of people overdosed on *** pills on this one. What were they thinking and when will they pull it? Is airing a commercial like that even legitimate? Aren't there some noise restrictions that are being violated? Please, get rid of it!
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I also cannot imagine what the advertising company was thinking when they created this ad. It is simply attrocious!

If I wanted to listen to blood curdling screams I would watch a horror movie. Whenever this ad comes on I change the channel I don't care what I'm watching the commericial is that offensive to me. My opinion of JC Penney is totally ruined.

I will forever link the terrorizing screams with JC Penney and I doubt that I will ever enter one of their stores again. Certainly someone at Penney's had to approve this ad....they should be fired!


This has got to be the WORST commercial in the history of television! I can't get to the remote quick enough to mute the volume every time it comes on...which is far too often!

If JC Penneys advertising dept.

is trying to lure customers in, they've managed to lose hundreds with this obnoxious commercial. I certainly won't be shopping there any time soon!

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JCPenney charged us $116.99 (on a $299 order) to deliver a dresser, and their so-called "white glove delivery" service is a complete joke. They couldn't give us a window less than 4 hours for the delivery, despite the fact that we have to reserve the freight...
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Jcpenney in Washington, District Of Columbia - Good bye JC Pennys; I am forced to move on

I am very disappoint with the layout of the store and quality of merchandise at the JC Penny stores. I took pride in telling people that I shop at JC Penny, but in March 2011, I am no longer able to say the same. JC Penny looks identical to Target. If the consumers want Target, they would shop at Target. JC Penny has done the same as Sears did with K-Mart. Sears lowered their standards to K-Mart. Now I have to look for another store that will give me the quality that I am looking for. I will miss the suits and dresses that JC Pennys provided. Also, I don't trust anyone when they say everyday low prices. Is JC Penneys now a discount store. It looks like Macys is the only option unless I drive over 20 miles to the nearest Bloomingdales, are go the small boutiques in Beverly Hills. Good bye JC Pennys
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As a washed out person, the only thing you can take pride in is your clothing.

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JCPenney did not credit return-by-mail

I bought 2 shirts that were the wrong size. I mailed them back by Priority Mail. JCPenney refused to credit my return. When I followed up, they said they never received my return. I don't know if the Postal Service mis-delivered the box (seems unlikely) or if JCPenney lost it (seems more likely) or if this is just a way for them to make more money. I suggested to JCPenney that they put a notice on their website that returns should include a tracking number to verify delivery. They ignored my suggestion and said I needed to check with my Post Office to find out what their policy is for lost packages. Yeah, right. Anyway, they have a pretty good deal going -- they can just ignore any returns they receive by mail and tell customers they never got the package. Wait -- maybe JCPenney already thought of that!
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May as well get use to them ordering online for you. Did you notice the signs in the store and limited sizes and selections? I bet it won't be long and clerks will be carrying iPads to take your order so everything will come through a central distribution center like Apple! Would not surprise me since new management are former Apple managers.

Stay tuned.... as I am sure you will see Khols and Macy's pounce on this opportunity.



Okay first of all you should know whether or not to put a tracking number... i mean whenever you mail a package you should always put a tracking number...

common sense.

2)Bring your lazy butt to the store and return it.. it's not the store's fault that YOU bought the wrong size!

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My child came home from school and decided to take them shopping at JCPenney in Rockwall, TX. I purchased a gift card on Monday morning for a significant amount. We went shopping Tuesday afternoon. At the check out I was informed that the gift card was not active. ...
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We're very sorry to hear about the service you received and the challenges you've encountered with your gift card. Please feel free to send us an email at and a member of our Customer Care team will reach out to you as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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JCPenney truck delivery service is a joke

So, JCP charged me $116.99 to deliver a dresser from Taiwan, which was about a third of the purchase price. For that price, they delivered a giant box-- and left us to open it. A lot of effort and four giant bags of styrofoam/cardboard later, we finally got it out-- and it was in pieces. It literally can't even stand up straight. There were splinters all over the inside of the box, and exposed nails/screws that could really have hurt someone if we hadn't seen them in time. The customer service people were beyond rude, except for one nice woman who called to authorize the recharge. The rest were downright surly, and let us know flat out that it was up to US to request the delivery people help us uncrate the dresser. They're not required to. They didn't even make an apology, saying the dresser must have arrived that way when they received it. They refused to inspect it, refused to inspect the replacement-- basically we're going to be treated to another massive mess and who even knows if the dresser will be intact. Or when it will get here. They have yet to schedule redelivery. They didn't even discount the exorbitant delivery fee given how well it's performed for us so far. Don't waste your time on this "service". I am so upset, I am never ordering or purchasing anything from JCPenney ever again. They're more or less dead to me by now. The joke's on them, the dresser was just a means of finding out how good the service was, we were planning on redoing the entire apartment. Still will, but not with JCPenney. Thousands of dollars are going to somebody else because they decided to treat us like *** over a $300 dresser.
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