The JC Penney Store:2124 Implied I was a theif for asking to look at a $25 watch, when I asked for a manager I was told NO managers work on Sundays. I had to talk to a supervisor who told me what I wanted to hear.

The insuted me by giving me a gift card to shut me up. I didnt want anything from them.

I will be returning all my purchases and never returning. I guess since I raised my voice and casued a scene the fake, artificial, synthethic " im sorry" i was considerate and proffessional with my complaint

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@nikalseyn: Your post has nothing to do with the topic, and contains nothing but a Troll comment. Useless.


You may or may not have tried to steal something from JC Penny, but you obviously did steal your high school diploma---your command of the English language is that of a 6th grade student, not a high school graduate. Time to give back the diploma.

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