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I used JCP for many years. Although I mostly buy online, I normally choose in store pick-up.

On Sunday (December 9th) I went to the store (Sandusky/Ohio) to pick up an order. (They had already screwed up the order and I only got the phone call letting me know it was in the store 3 days after I finally got an email answer to my question.) I waited in line a while, gave my phone number but they could not find the order. Went back home, called the store and the order was quickly located; there was a note about a problem with an item, they could not explain what it was, but the order was there. With the order and invoice numbers from the emails I went back to the store.

More waiting in line and the order was located (with my phone number, now). Long wait and packages got to the Customer Service desk. The courteous gentleman who was helping me could not figure the problem with the order; I told him I thought my trying to cancel an item might have gone through, thus the confusion. He called his manager, Jamie, for help.

Later on it occurred to me that unlike her very professional subordinate (and I wish I remembered his name), Jamie did not bother to acknowledge me while I stood waiting at the register. I do not expect to be shaken by the hand or offered tea, yet I assume a modicum of courtesy should be paid to customers. But at that moment the only thing I wanted was to get my order, go back home and have lunch with my husband. More than once I tried to explain to Jamie what I thought might be the problem; she ignored me.

Tired of standing up, I decided to sit on a nearby stool. The long wait started to upset me and I went back to the register. From then on everything I said to Jamie drew a nasty remark directed at me (keep in mind this is the store MANAGER). I was appalled with her lack of courtesy and told her she should not be dealing with customers.

She made a nasty retort and sneered at me. By then I could scarcely believe her behavior. I told her it was not my fault the order was messed up, I was tired of waiting and wanted a solution. "Maybe home delivery would have been a better option for you," she snapped back at me.

I told her it is the customer's prerogative to decide how an order is shipped, and that her impertinent remarks were out of order. The conversation became more heated and I had enough of her bad manners. I told her that since she arrived at the register to help me she had not made eye contact nor greeted me, to which she retorted a childish "Well, you shouldn't have stomped out of here!" I told her that customers do not stomp out: they move away, graciously, and are always right. After parrying a few more of Jamie's disrespectful repartees and mocking smiles, I had enough and asked her to cancel the order.

If I trusted her, she told me, she could do a manual return to my credit card. With all the witnesses around us I couldn't find a reason to the contrary and gave her the OK. But I had been so ill-treated that before I left I repeated that customer never stomp out, but graciously walk away. I wished her a good day and was about to turn to leave when she snapped back at me with a smirk: "Now, THAT was gracious!" At that moment it occurred to me that maybe she thought my skin color and accent made me less worthy of her courtesy...

Several days later I received a card in the mail from Jamie with a $10 gift card and apologizing for the mess up, but no apology for her behavior. I have more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality business, mostly in South America, but even in Third World countries we know the customer is never wrong. This unpleasant, and stressing visit to JCP lasted a half hour. One month after my experience I finally got a letter from JCP.

I was told that they "are in the process of re-imagining every part of [their] store." Not a word of apology for the manager's behavior! Fortunately I can take my business elsewhere...

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