Camillus, New York

I hate what JC Penney's has done. They have stripped the stores to minimal selections. Rushed the seasons (turtlenecks or corduroy pants in January in Syracuse, NY?!). Their uppity purchasing rep told me that I was "out of sync with the fashion cycle" when I complained that all the blouses were sleeveless. And they have discontinued St. John's Bay. We don't need more clothes for the under 25 year-olds. As an average Baby Boomer, I am not comfortable wearing sleeveless blouses.

Penney's has betrayed the people who shop the most for their families...middle aged women in an attempt to compete with H&M, Abercrombie and American Eagle? Get a clue...our kids won't want to shop at Penney's (the "family" store). Now I don't want to shop there either. Onward to Macy's!

Suggestion ...Before your market shares and stocks prices hit rock bottom...get rid of your new CEO and his minion!

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I'm selling St John Bay pants on (Lalisad)


I live in a small city and penny's is the only place to buy something decent. But now their store looks like one of the cheaper stores, I too loved St John Bay products that they now have discontinued and am ordering online what I want.



Just found new pr. Of corduroy bay...tags on... $3.00 @Goodwill.check them out.

Glastonbury, Connecticut, United States #931283

Shame on you, JCP!

Eldridge, Iowa, United States #927309

I too have been looking for the St John's Bay Bootcut Stretch Corduroy pants.. *** I love them wish I had about 10 more pair but sadly I only have 2......

and one of them I bought on ebay.....

they are the most comfortable pants I have ever worn..... I even wear them when we have a casual day at work instead of jeans because they are more comfortable than my jeans.....

Selma, California, United States #925529

These are my favorite pants. I have been looking all over for the St John's Bay corduroy boot cut pants.

I wear women's size and these pants are stretchy and so comfortable. They were just the right length and needed a black pair. I wish I knew who bought out the ones they still had so I could stock up on all the colors.

What a shame. Bad move.


I too agree. The corduroy pants with the stretch were so great.

Isn't it funny that we are being told they are out of style, but they have the same kind for guys; just not stretch.

Bring them back. There apparently is a want for them with all the women that are writing in.

Kemah, Texas, United States #844810

OMG. I have worn the St.

Johns corduroy pants at work for the last 8 years. I went by the store and just thought they had not put out the fall clothes yet. Then I find out they are discontinued?

Bummer. One of the many bad decisions JCP has made.

Naples, Florida, United States #817533

They say for every one person that writes in, at least 100 people are feeling the same. May my comments represent 100 people at this point.

Jeans are the hardest and most frustrating things to find in the world; I'm talking about that pair that fit just right. St. Johns Bay bi-stretch happened to be those jeans for many, many women. I'm not sure why you would take something so popular and replace it with "trendy" lower quality clothing?

Who pays for the kids clothes? Answer: The same people who shop for their own styles. Wouldn't it be advantageous for you to bring back your popular items AND sell the trendy as well? You can even tuck the "Old peoples" clothing in a corner, I don't care.

Just please reconsider bringing back the bi-stretch jeans. Thank you

Santa Rosa, California, United States #799806

I have been wearing St John's Bay Cords for 10 years, in my job they are very comfortable and hold up very well. I was told they were coming back last year but they have not shown up. Please, please bring them back J C Penney

Long Beach, California, United States #790087

I totally agree, I am totally pissed, I miss my St. John's Bay Bi-stretch pants in ultra tall.

I don't understand why would they do such a thing. Strip all tall women of their resources.


i need my st johns bay corduroys. I dont know what else to get. I am plus size and those are the only pants that work for me.

but JCP doesnt care.


I have worn St. Johns Bay stretch cords for years.

I wear a size 8 and now cannot finds them in the stores or on line. They have always fit well, worn well and look great.

WHAT HAPPENED???? Bring them back.

Jonesboro, Arkansas, United States #757535

I was shocked that you no longer carry the khaki colored corduroy St. John's bay jeans any longer.

That's all my daughter in law wanted for Christmas. I was shocked and she was so disappointed. She did t bodice me so she checked herself. She works for Walmart and she said they were the best jeans for her work ever.

Plz reconsider

Bringing them back. Plz


St. John's Bay is just under the Jcp brand now. It hasn't been discontinued, they just changed the name.

to Anonymous Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #598032

No, the JCP brand ISN'T the same as the St. John's Bay brand.

I wish people would keep repeating that in a futile attempt to woo people back into the store, because it simply isn't true. For one thing, the JCP brand tops are of a much thinner material, and fit much tighter/more clingy. All of the JCP brand tops show every single outline of your bra, even on a slender, fit woman. The JCP brand simply isn't anything that a professional career woman would or could wear to work.

Unlike the old SJB brand, which was perfect for work. I could care less about coupons and fact, I'd be willing to pay even more, if they would just bring the REAL St.

John's Bay line back. Because the JCP brand ain't it.

to Anonymouse Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States #598036

I mean "wouldn't keep repeating" the tired "JCP is the new SJB" line, of course.

to Anonymouse #755670

Agree! Very frustrating.

Used to be only place to get tall or longer pants that fit right.

Quality has definitely gone down. Sooooo sad

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