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I am very disappointed that J C Penney no longer caters to older, conservative dressing women like me...those who want pull on jeans and slacks for petites at a reasonable price in a classic style (and that doesn't mean 100% polyester or the latest fad!) and wardrobe basic colors. I have worn Cabin Creek slacks for years because they fit so well and the price was reasonable.

And since I shopped for my slacks at J C Penney I would buy my tops there as well at the same time. I will be doing my clothes shopping elsewhere in the future.

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I too want the Cabin Creek line back at JCPenney!! I cannot find pants anywhere that fit me.

I loved the Cabin Creek and don't know where I can find them. Can anyone help make JC Penney understand that we all want Cabin Creek pants back??!!!!!

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