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I am very disappointed at no longer being able to purchase the Cabin Creek wrinkle free Oxford shirts at JC Penny's. I loved purchasing and wearing them for over 20 years.

They were a quality product at a reasonable price with a wide choice of colors and patterns. I cannot find a product comparable online or at brick and mortar stores. Apparently, JC Penney Corporation cares little about keeping customers or listening to them.  I used to be a regular and happy customer, but no longer.  I no longer have any reason to shop with them and will not.

I guess it's time to cancel the credit card that I no longer will use.   

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Credit Card.

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JCP quit selling that brand over two years ago. If you want a store to be loyal to you and carry the brands you want, you need to visit them more than once a decade. Stores need customers to return a few times a year to purchase new goods, not every couple of years.

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