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I was turned down for a Credit increase by JC Penney (GE) because of something a credit report says. I was turned down automatically in 2 seconds.

They didn't take time to check anything! I have a great FICO store and literally no debt except house. I checked with all 3 credit reporting agencies and they even said GE did not make an inquiry. I'm canceling all cards issued by this company!

I don't know why any company would use GE Money bank to manage credit for their companies. I will stop shopping at JC Penny because of this as well

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I will like too connected whit my e-mail account service. :grin :grin


I believe I have been a victim of a recent ploy by GEmoneybank to stop sending statements to seom individuals. I have been a stellar customer, always paying my bills in full and never being late.

They tell me my statments were mailed...I recieve everything else, just not theirs. I have never received an electronic statements either. And, they do not allow you to set up "pay automatic minimum payment" as a safeguard.

In my efforts to have GEmoneybank correct their hasty "late" reporting to my credit record it has come to my attention that they manage for Sam's, Walmart, JC Penney as well.

I know this because everytime I write to them about my Ebay mastercard they send me a letter stating "thank you for your inquiry on your WALMART account...I don't have any of these others!!!

Pure incompetence at GE moneybank and they have control of our FICA future! I'm concerned because I need to co-sign my kids student loans and as of today this stellar consumer doesn't qualify.


They did detroy my FICA score. They decided to stop sending me my paper statements and claimed they were coming electronically.I have always paid my credit card bills in full.

I did not know my husband had bought something on Ebay and we didn't know we wouldn't receive ANY statement. Ebay mastercard called bright and early one Saturday moring to collect my $62.10 past-due payment. I was aghast, having never been late or missed any payment in my 30 yr credit history. I paid it and they refunded the late fee.

Same thing happened 2 months later. With a zero balance and a $10K credit line, they then reported me having been late 2 months in a row. My FICA plummeted 150 points from 791 to 640! I do not qualify for a mortgage refi now.

It has been a 3 month nightmare! I've written to everyone, filed a FTC complaint etc.


JCP just e-mailed my lastest bill and charged me a late fee for last month. I received bill 2/1/2010 and paid same day.

My bill for 3/1/2010 has a late fee for Feb. which was paid 2/1/2010. They have admitted the error and are willing to reverse the late fee but still say I owe double the min payment for this month. DUH the rep suggeested from now on I wait to for a couple of days.

Something is wrong with their accounting/IT dept. Supervisor will not correct error or let me tslk to cutomer service. Until I bring the account current.

Opps the account is current they admitted that. BULL I hate talking to Indians they have to go by their script and can not think for themselves.


i just recived a letter from jcp credit and i was told that they reduced my credit line dowm from 700.00 to 100.00 or the balance on my account. i called and asked why.

i was told it was something on my credit report . i checked it and then call them back and told them my report was fine , i was then told it was due to the amounts i owe on other cards. i told them just to cancel the account . later i got a email from them telling me i was a value to them and that they were sorry to see i canceld my jcp card.

i call them back and told them to remove my from all of the list and i will never shop in a jcp store.

i then told them i was not worthy to have the jcp card so i was not worthy to shop their also. but told them not to worry sears issued me a card and would love to have me shop in thier store.


That is the best thing you can do, otherwise it is just a matter of time before they really mess up your credit score

GEMB violates

Fair Credit Billing Act

Electronic Funds Transfer Act

Fair Credit Reporting Act.

When they are responsible for errors to your accounts, they will just lie to you and do nothing to fix it.

They also lost 650,000 customer records in Oct 07, did not publicly report it until Jan 08, and did not make an honest effort to notify account holders of the potential for identity theft.

The data was on a magnetic tape at a storage facility. they claim to have found it and also claim it was not accessed. They also think their customers are ***.

There are too many people who could have accessed that data tape without leaving a trace.

So you are better off without them in your life.


There are many other high end retailers that would be happy to accept a credit increase for a loyal customer. I dont blame you at all for being upset over this issue.