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Today I received an email from JCPenny asking me to answer a question a customer had about a window roller shade sold by JCPenny. I have recently purchased 4 of these roller shades--thus I am assuming the reason they reached out to me for my feedback. Anyway, I wrote my review--which was not bad in any way. However, JCPenny send me an email back stating that they would not publish my review because I mentioned other retailer names. So, I... Read more

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  • Aug 29
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Called in to place order. Took about 10 minutes to get someone to help. Ordered notice was charge shipping fee and called back another 10 minutes and no help to late tocancel order??

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Dear, ( Jcpenny corporate ) who it may consern JCPENNY STORE 2410 VISTA REIGA LEWISVILLE TX 75067 Haven't been treating their ASSOCIATES right what mean by that they treat us like dirt floor , Started of with STORE MANGER (ADAM STABEN) he is very Disrespectful to is such as he does give Chace to talked to him he shout at the ASSOCIATES when they are trying to explained their selfe to him. Customer ... Read more

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JCPenny's if you read ANY reviews you will see you have MANY people disappointed that you d/c your cabin creek brand & now pushing Alfred Dunner which by that way IS NO COMPARISON!!!! & they have OLD styles & cheaply made materials that are mostly polyester blends over the cotton & poly blend!! I HATE THEM & with you would just bring back the Cabin Creek oxford cloth shirts. I could get them in talls which today are hard to find that wash & dry... Read more

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RUDE CUSTOMER SERVICE WORKER! I will NEVER come back to the Sunrise Mall JCPenny ever again. I spent about $100.00 on a few items. As i was leaving after "PAYING" for my stuff.. extremely rude Chinese woman jams me up at the door snatches my backpack and couple of items from me and very rudely ask me did I pay for these I say to her yes I did I don't steal I have my receipt she asked to see it I showed it to her she still did not believe me she... Read more

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I had the worst experience between JCP online and my JCP credit card this month. I was so appalled I cannot see myself giving JCP my money any more. It became very apparent to my this past Monday, that JCP has poor customer service and only care about getting to the next phone call instead of paying attention to the customer's need and taking care of the problem. i spoke to 7 JCP associates on Monday - why is it acceptable to be transferred 6... Read more

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After waiting a month for a mattress and box spring for my 91yo mother...I get an automated call from XPO instructing me to call back regarding delivery. When I call back I am instructed by a voice message that my delivery is scheduled for the following day --a work day between 7a and 10a. I am given the option to call and reschedule which I do just to be told that the time cannot be changed and the entire delivery would have to be... Read more

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I have also shopped at JCP for as long as I can remember. Towncraft est 1927 jeans my husband love them but JCP no longer carry them. I have talked to them over and over and they tells me what I want to hear at the time; example: "We are working on getting them back in the store". NOTHING has happened . I realized you focus on the teens and young people, but we are the people that have put you where you are and these people you are losing. I... Read more

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Mold ad mildew smell in the Carolina mall makes me not want to shop there... fear of getting sick and fear of the clothes bought having mold spores. I'm no expert but that can't possibly be healthy to smell that. Just walking into the store, it reeked of musty mildew. My friend and I walked around the store and of course being the starting fall school season, the sales were great. However, the smell of mold and mildew continued to worsen... Read more

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I met the rudest HR person at the JCP in Cypress Towne Center today. Her name is Kelly. I applied for a position she called me to see if I was still interested, told her yes she asked about my availability when I told her she just hung up the phone. I wasn't far away from the store when she called so I stopped in five minutes later. The girl looked at me and asked who are you in her rudest voice. So I stood my ground and told her you spoke to... Read more

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