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Jcpenney in Centennial, Colorado - Website is ridiculous

I pay all of my credit card bills online, and have never encountered any problems. That is until I tried to pay my new JC Penny credit card. First problem, they had my social wrong. 1st phone call to customer service. It can't recognize me, then it can't recognize my bank, 2nd phone call to customer service, then it says technical difficulties. Then again with the difficulty recognizing me, I am signed in to the website and can see my balance!! I will pay my current bill and never use my JCP card again. Better get this fixed. Customers care about convenience.
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Jcpenney Credit Card
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Problems with payment
I have a function for work coming up and ordered a new suit from My shipment arrived. It's a blazer and a purple t-shirt. Not the blazer and pair of slacks I ordered. Their solution: drive to the store to exchange. I live 40 miles away, hence the online...
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Jcpenney Credit Card

Jcpenney in Englewood, Colorado - I will never buy from JCP again ... ANYTHING!

I don't know if this will do any good, but I am so frustrated I am almost moved to tears. My mother-in-law has a small credit card that she used a few times several years ago ... with a very low balance. We have contacted the consumer help line on two separate occasions now, and are extremely frustrated at their lack of willingness to work with us(her) to help get this paid. She is elderly, on a fixed income and does not see ... and was somehow sold over the phone, some type of insurance on this card. Now, the bill is over $1000 and she has not USED IT IN AT LEAST A YEAR ... she doesn't understand why she keeps getting bills, etc. Her son and I have been trying to work with JCP. One consumer service agent told us in Oct/Nov that they would dismiss the $1000 and everything was clear, that it was their error. OK ... since then we have received 3 bills (Nov/Dec/Jan). We called again over the weekend and offered to settle this debt, just to get it off our plate (and my mother-in-laws). We were told there was nothing they could do ... we would have to pay it. We argued and pleaded with them, to no avail. We just wanted someone to listen and possible offer an amicable solution ... but no. We explained that she didn't understand, that she had no way to pay this, that it was just accruing, the interest had gone up, etc. and they did not seem to care. $1000 may not seem like alot to some people, but it is alot to us, and certainly alot to my mother-in-law. We also told them that we would pay what we could, that we weren't asking for a free & clear pass, but they stated more than once that it was "all or nothing". I cannot imagine, with the number of people who NEVER pay their bills ... that they are just throwing us away. It is very, extremely frustrating. And, I feel like I have nowhere to go. I have been on websites, looking for executive email addresses, the Better Business Bureau, etc. ... but nothing. I have submitted their name to every outlet I can, and I am trying to make it known that I will never buy anything branded JCPenney again because of this instance. I know they do not care, and I am just one person with a measley $1000, but I WILL NEVER buy anything from JCPenney's again. Thank you!
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A common scam---selling cardholders "protection" at a fee. Discover Card is well-known for this.

In your mother in law's case do the following:

Send them a certified letter from you mother stating she never knowingly agreed to this fee or service; has rarely used the card; is___years old with limited income; and has attempted to correct THEIR mistake via their customer service reps to no avail. Also say she cannot and will not pay any of these erroneous charges.

I don't know how old she is, but personally, I would hope you do NOT pay the money for her or she pay it either. Wait for a response from JCP and go from there, but you must not pay this charge!!! Let it go go a collection agency. Then ignore them too, but after you send them a copy of the letter you wrote to JCP and stating you do not owe the money they are trying to collect.

I know people pay things like this just to get rid of it, but they count on this and continue to refuse to do anything for you and continue to harass you. Time to stand up and protect mom. Good luck. Nil carborundum illegitimo.

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Jcpenney Credit Card

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