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No notice from JC Penney that they intended to close my 29 year old account. Found out from a Credit Karma email that JC Penney closed it without giving me any notice what so ever.

Credit Karma reason: not active enough. Yes, I pay cash a lot. So Penney's punishes you for actually paying with cash!

Emailed JC Penney customer service: after submitting, the blurb says sorry this page is unavailabke, try emailing another time.

Telephoned JC Penney customer service: Can't access my account, claiming my phone and address do not match records. I have been in this same home since 1991, gotten JP Penney bills here, but they claim it's not my address of record.

I asked how have I made payments all these years if I wasn't receiving my bills at my home? No answer other than I need to go to a physical store with photo ID so tnhey can try to find my account records.

The worst customer service after almost 30 years of shopping JC Penney. Not to mention their action of closing my account dropped my credit score from 800 to 770!

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Account.

Reason of review: closed credit card for "inactive" no notification given!.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Jcpenney Cons: Customer service cannot access records after 29 years.

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I'm sorry that happened to you after 29 years,that happened to me after 2-3 years,it doesn't feel good,I know that.


If you haven't used your card for a year or longer, our credit dept automatically closes the account to prevent YOU from theft. It is for security reasons.

Meaning if you lost your card, hence not using it for so long, we don't want someone finding it & using it. Get it? You shouldn't be blaming the company, you should be thanking them for preventing fraud. Also, the need you & many many other older people feel to mention to us employees that you've been a customer for so many years makes ZERO difference.

We treat ALL customers equally regardless of whether they have shopped with us for 100 years or never before. It's called "Equality". Mom & Pop shops a long time ago cared how long you were a customer with them because their business flourishing counted on that.

Huge retail corporations don't keep track of each customer as they don't have to to make money. They will sell millions & billions anyway.