Lexington, North Carolina
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I received a bill in the mail, called the 1-800 number to make the payment was told by the automated system that I did not have a payment due. So I than called to speak to an associate.

The associates name was Mary I explained to her my concern about the payment. She proceeded to tell me that the next bill is not due until Dec. I then ask could she tell me why because the bill that came in the mail says something totally different. She still did not explain why.

I ask her could it be because I returned somethings. She still could not give me a answer. I than asked her to please listen to my concern then all of a sudden she hung up the phone on me. I called back and spoke to Rachel and explain that I needed to speak to a manager at this point.

Was keep on hold for about 10 minutes than Jay the supervisor came on the phone explain myself again but she did not see where I had called in. Never got satisfaction so when I pay off my bill I will not be using it anymore there are too many stores out there. I will not close it because it hurts your credit score and I am not going to let that happen.

It would be nice for people to have a tutorial in customer service before being put in those positions. Angry

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