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My name Dan and today September 19, 2015 i was shopping at JCPENNEY in West Covina store number 1505 Tran: 1364 at 8:23pm checking my last purchase. I was a little upset about the an associate name Vinh because i am trying to take advantage of the $10.00 off $25.00...
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First of all: YOU were the one at fault. JCPenney can't just give you a discount because you were too *** to bring your coupon.

Second of all: Your self-entitledness isn't going to get you anywhere. You do realize that if Vinh just gave you a discount without a coupon, he could lose his job right?

It's against their policy to randomly give discounts without coupons or valid reasoning. I swear...selfish *** people are the reasons why some hate working retail.

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Jcpenney Coupon
Reason of review
Poor customer service

JCPenney did not accept coupon

May 03 by anonymous Just quit giving the $10.00 off $25.00 if you aren't going to let anyone using it.Ridiculous! Went in and spent a good amount of time shopping for some items that were NOT listed as door came to over $25.00 and they said we couldn't use the coupon. Waste of time. I will head back over to kohl's where they NEVER turn down a coupon...even if I forget my coupon they still let me use it if I tell them. Seems it would make more sense to just accept the coupon as you are losing A LOT of sales by not accepting them. I will cancel my jcpenney credit card and will no longer shop here.I am a busy person and I don't have time to do this.
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I would NEVER shop at Kohl's. I've been to 2 local Kohl's stores and they are an utter mess.

I would find a top but couldn't find another one in my size. The associates are no of help either as they can't decipher through the mess.

I once stood in line for 20 minutes. There were 10-12 people ahead of me and only one cashier.

At JCP, it is a rule to call for another cashier if you are by yourself and there are more than 3 people in line.

After that ridiculous experience at Kohl's, I said 'never again.'

As for coupons, I've been told on my face by Kohl employees that I had to bring it in myself. I don't know what this complainer is talking about.


The KOHL's near me is a mess....

I don't care how many coupons they give me, I'd never shop there.

I can never find an available associate to help me.

By the way, I work at JCP. Our coupons always have the same exclusions, as anonymous stated in their reply posted on June 16.

Another thing....the merchandise subtotal must be $25 before you can use the $10 off $25 coupon.

I've seen a lot of eye-rolling over that one.


Read the Fine Print. They don't put on there for you customers to ignore.

The coupon has exclusions: Doorbusters, Big Buys, Nike, Levis, Disney, Clark's, Spanx, Kitchen Electrics, etc.

It's all listed in there if you would just take 30 seconds to read. It's not a long time.


I was with you until you said that Kohl's lets you use your coupon even when you forget it at home, it is obvious you work at Kohls.

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Jcpenney Coupon

Jcpenney in Citrus Heights, California - False advertisement

I went to JCP with a "$10 off every $25 or more you spend" coupon. My total came to $156.00 and I paid in full. When I left the store, I realized that the cashier did not give me the coupon price. I went back later that day and explained to the same cashier that I only received $10 off my total when the coupon advertised differently. She proceeded to tell me that it was for "one transaction only". So I said I wanted to return everything and I would separate the items to ring everything at $25 per purchase so that I could enjoy my savings the way it was advertised. The cashier proceeded to tell me that it was only for one transaction and that I couldn't do that. So I told her that it was false advertisement then because NO WHERE on the coupon did it say that it was for "one transaction only" nor did it say that I couldn't keep reusing the coupon so technically I should have been able to do so. She told me no again and said "well, you DID get $10 off the total!". I told her I wanted to return the entire thing and she was very surprised then quickly returned the items and shoved the money into my hands. This particular cashier was very rude as was the other cashier working with her. The other cashier was with a man and woman that was trying to get his wife on his card, they barely helped him when he said the number on the back of the card wasn't JCP and asked if there was another way to get her on his card. Then my cashier said to the other, "If he is tying to get his wife on his card right now to use another coupon, HE CAN'T!" I took my money and left. JCP has lost a life long customer. The company has gone down hill so much over the past few years with quality in their products and the people they hire.
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$10 off A purchase of $25 OR MORE. That just means you need to spend $25 to qualify for it.

It also states one per customer along with the rest of the exclusions. Where the *** does it say that the coupon can be scanned 6 times?


I know which coupon you are talking about, and it was $10 off $25 or more, NOT $10 off every $25.


If the wording on the coupon said "Good for ONE time use only", I would have made sure the customer received their $10 off and apologized for my error.

Also, if the coupon was for one use only, it would not be possible to separate the order into individual $25 purchases, because the coupon can only be used once.

In our store, we did have customers come in with that exact wording. (One-time use only.)

Customers need to read the fine print--some do....other customers don't. We had one in the store the other day that was ticked off because he couldn't use the coupon on his purchase of 2 pairs of Levi's jeans. The coupon said that "certain exclusions apply", and listed the exclusions clearly. Levi's was one of the exclusions.....he was still pissed.........Read the coupon and don't be angry with the cashier. We don't make the rules...we just work here.

I do feel badly for the customers who have had rude cashiers. Not all of us are rude.


The coupon was for $10 off $25 OR MORE purchase, NOT every $25 smh. This is why most of the time our stores do not provide the coupons in store by the registers anymore because people like you want to abuse it. That's why they are making a lot of ONE TIME use coupons now more than ever before.


Though I appreciate both comments, I have to say, a friend of mine went to the same store with her sister the day before and a salesperson was standing at the door handing out the same coupons. She gave my friend and her sister dozens of coupons in which they went and did the same thing I was trying to do. My friend and her sister only used one coupon each over and over at the same time/same register/same cashier, as they had separated the items.

I also know for a fact that other major retailers such as Macys and Kohls will give the customer the best deal possible and I have even had salespeople say that if they ring items up separately, it will give the best discount.

To answer your question Sessa, yes, I have had coupons to Macys and Kohls and the salespeople have given back the coupons without me even asking for it back so that I can continue to use it (I cannot say that about grocery coupons, but wouldn't that be comparing apples to oranges? No pun intended). And yes, I actually do use coupons QUITE often and have never had any problems with the other retailers that I have mentioned.

The only thing this particular coupon indicated was that there were certain items that would not qualify for the discount, which I clearly understand. I actually purchased one of the name brands that was listed and I didn't have a problem with that not being discounted. I returned all the items to make a point about the coupon in addition to the very poor attitude the salesperson had with me and the family at the next register.

The point is, the coupon did not specify it was for ONE transaction only. I also stated in the previous comment, that I was not the only person in line "misunderstanding" the coupon because another family was trying to do the same thing.

I'm sure if my friend and her sister (in which both had shown me their receipts after I told them the experience I had) had their coupons honored the way they did, then others probably did too. Why honor it for a few people and not for others? The combination of the coupon situation along with the way I (and the other family) was treated by this salesperson, definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. There is no reason whatsoever to shove refund money back into someone's hand or be rude to the customers no matter how you are feeling about a situation.


Unlike the other comment I don't see AT ALL how this would be an easy mistake to make, it's actually quite ridiculous. I won't even go into the details of the coupon, but your expectations are ludicrous and you must not use coupons often.

When you use one at the grocery store do you then ask for it back so you can use it again? :roll :roll


i think you have a misunderstanding of the wording.tho i can see where that would be easy to do.but surly they cant brake all sells down to 25 bucks and reward 10 bucks from that they would be in the poor house.if im thinking right that would come out to 40% off of every $100.00 spent other stores would buy them out in a day.

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Jcpenney Coupon

Jcpenney in Sacramento, California - Took away coupons

I was the BIGGEST JCP fan, spending thousands per year, now won't go into the store unless I have a specific reason. I don't want to be told when to shop re:last Friday of month, or have to look at tags to see best price! I want to go into a store, see what I want, use my coupon. In my opinion, they are telling you to go to their version of clearance racks to get the best deals! I don't want to wait till an item is the lowest price and size is limited etc.
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They were telling you when to shop before. You could get a deal if you used your coupon on certain days on certain weekends only .

Only got a deal on sale days. Is that not telling you when to shop? Now you get the sale price everyday. Red price is everyday low price, white is monthly value(which is a sale that last for a month everyday) and best price which is clearance.

Sounds like a great deal and it is everyday! No one will tell me when to shop cause I can go to jcp any day and get a great price!


I work at JCP, and I think you completely misunderstood our new pricing strategy. We aren't trying to make you wait for clearance or work around certain fridays of the month.

It's actually quite the opposite What the company is doing is trying to be more honest with our pricing, make the prices low enough you wont need a coupon, and make it so you DONT have to wait to get a good price. Everything was always on "sale" before, where it would have an original price that it NEVER was really sold for. The prices would just go on rotation between 40-50% and occasionally would have a really great sale. The new pricing strategy makes it so you don't need to wait for a sale or coupon.

At first, I saw it the same way you did and HATED the new CEO for changing it but after a few months I really do like the new pricing. For example, we have a set of sheets that once every 2-3 months would go on a sale where it was any size for the typical price of a twin, $19.99 (this included king sized so a major money saver!). Whenever I needed sheets I would wait months for this sale, and occassionally even miss it if I was busy over a major holiday weekend. Now, that same set of sheets, a twin is like $15 (cheaper than before), a full is like $18 (again, cheaper), a queen is like $20 and a king is $25.

Yes, the king is more expensive than it was on that sale, but I don't have to wait three months without sheets any more waiting for the sale to come around. The new pricing isn't intended to make you wait for the first and third friday of the month, that's just for clearance which is just left over items that don't sell during their sale season, just like the clearance was before. I think the company just got sick of people stalking the pricing teams waiting for them to mark something down and then fighting over the merchandise with other customers once it was marked down (seriously happened all the time) so they now let customers know when the clearance mark downs are going to happen, and intentionally lined it up with when most people get paid, although the prices dont go back up so theres no reason to like rush in the day of mark downs unless you want something specific. It's not that they want you to rush in to buy clearance, or wait for clearance, they don't want that any more than they did before the new pricing strategies.

They just wanted to be more honest about what the prices actually are and make it so you don't have to wait around for them or save up coupons to get a good deal. Like I said, I didn't like the pricing at first either, but after working there and shopping there a ton, it really is cheaper and soooo much more convenient. Plus I don't have to deal with people complaining because such and such lamp was $5 cheaper last week.

Also, no, I am not a brainwashed member of jcp coorporate, nor am i paid to put this here, I'm just a desperate college student putting myself through college and doing so by working at jcp. i just happened across this site and wanted to clear the air about this stuff because people keep complaining when in all reality, it's just a misinterpretation of the new pricing strategy.

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