Rochester, New York
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Why have you discontinued your Cabin Creek line of twill pants? I am outraged.

These have got to be your "bread and butter" pant. I've worn them for probably 30 years of more. I love them!!! I want to buy some more of them.

You have made me very unhappy as I know I'll never find a pair of pants that fit me so well and looks so good. I wear an 18WP, and have several pairs in navy, black, and tan which I wear practically every day.

You have basically eliminating any reason for me to go to a JC Penney store. Please, pretty please, bring them back.

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Very disappointed you no longer offer Cabin Creek twill slacks. I've had mine for, well it seems like forever, and they're starting to wear.

I love the feel and they fit me perfectly. Why can't you bring them back ...

please bring them back. Thank you.


How do we let JCPenney know our feelings concerning the Cabin Creek trousers? Do these comments, complaints, and postings get sent to the companies?

I'm getting desparate for some new pants.

Thanks for your comments. Nice to know someone else feels the same as I do.


I too have been :cry devastated about the Cabin Creek twill pants (CC). Nothing as good out there.

Truly a classic, uwonderful offering. Wore them from age early 30s on up. Have a CC jean jacket in my closet from 10 years ago that is still going strong. I'd buy new things from the St.

John's Bay, Ambrielle, and East5th lines each season.

I'm a middle-aged, middle-sized, middle-income F professional and there is nothing there for me anymore. I don't want teenybopper clothes that are garish and poorly made, or matronly styles.

We would come back if you would bring our lines back.


NO CABIN CREEK TWILL ....... what I have are worn out & there's nothing, not even jcpenney to replace them ........ VERY DISAPOINTED!


mostly everything i bought at jcpenney was cabin creek elastic cotton laies petite slacks and cotton tops, for over 25 yrs.. please bring them back.


:cry I used to shop at Penney's a lot, but that is no longer true. I also spent a LOT of money there.

I now spend my money at Kohl's and Beall's. Penney's has apparently chosen to cater to teeney-boppers and yuppies. The quality has also changed along with the selections of brands.

I am VERY unhappy with not being able to find Cabin Creek pants which I have worn for years due to the wear, fit and versatility. Women of our generation and size are a growing population and with our disposable income, Penney's had better sit up and take notice or they will be sorry!!!!

@Carol Mills

I only used Penney's in the past for uniforms and Cabin Creek pants. I am a tall size 22.

Better bring em back or go out of business JC! :(


ditto here JCP on the listen up or go out of business part. Oh, but I guess you already learned that lesson from Ron Johnson's mismanagement.

Hopefully we can find and go directly to the the manufacturer for "our" pants and won't need JCP to bring them back.

@Carol Mills

I agree with you whole heartedly except for the "our generation" part. These Cabin Creek pants are for all generations.

They know no age for the style.

these are great on everyone. My daughter is in her late 20's and loves them


I am also very UNHAPPY that you are not carrying the Cabin Creek pants. I have worn them for the last 20 years and have enjoyed having pants that fit well.

I know you must have sold the heck out of them because the stores were always short on sizes when I shopped.

You must be trying to do away with a lot of your customers with this move. Please bring them back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!


me too. VERY disappointed in JCP canceling this pant.

Am a VERY UNHAPPY former customer. I only went to JCP specifically for these pants and picked up much more that I did not need while shopping. I spent a ton of money in that store but wont go to that store anymore. There are other stores to get the same old CRA#@!* from China and the stores are a dime a dozen on every block.

Ron Johnson is the worst manager this company has ever had.

Mr James Cash PENNEY must be rolling over in his grave.


I also am disappointed i cant get a new supply of Cabin Creek slacks. I've been wearing them everyday for 25 years & would like to get a new supply, as mine are very worn. Its not easy to find larger size, short length, no pocket pants.:(


:sigh With a very heavy heart, I have decided that since you do not seem to want my money, you will not have my business. WHAT were you thinking?

Discontinuing Cabin Creek and other brands of clothing for the people who have been loyal to Penney's for years?????

Yea, Though I am not a teeny bopper, I do walk the valley of the mall, and style and comfort should follow me always. But not at YOUR store.


Well, I was going to order myself some for Christmas and just found this out. Now what am I going to wear?! Can't teach school naked!


I really do miss the Cabin Creek pants, and have worn them for about 15 years.

Please bring them back. Thank you


:cry Mr. Johnson has forgotten a HUGE segment of his customers.

We are an older population with LOTS of disposable income ! ! He apparently does not listen to his buying public. The Cabin Creek pant has been a staple for lost of his shoppers, yet he chooses to ignore them for a more young, hip population.

Wonder why their sales have dropped. Mr. Johnson made a huge blunder ignoring our segment of the shopping population.

We need clothes as well have have been your stable buying customers. Bye JCP nothing more here for me


It is not just old people who want these pants. They are comfortable and stylish for everyone. I want them too.


I have also been wearing Cabin Creek twill pants in various colors for years...always comfortable, fit well, reasonably priced. Having recently lost weight, I was ready to order several more in my new size and add more colors.

Cannot express how upset I am. No other brand at any price fit and felt as well as these.

It is one of the few reasons I drive 25 miles to shop at JCP. No need now.


I couldn't say it any better than the irate customers before me. What have you done to JCP. Shame.


My wife has been buying St. Johns Bay and Cabin Creek clothes for years.

Now the latest merchandising scheme is to get rid of clothes that sell and bring in horrible clothes for teenie boppers. What a mistake. Whoever decided that thinner fabrics in god awful colors ought to have his/her head exaimed. For us baby boomers that have money, the next retailer that has St.

Johns Bay and Cabin Creek type/quality clothes, is going to make a bundle of money because everybody will start shopping there.

J.C. Penny's....fix this problem before you go the way of Montomery Wards.